Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Gabbert is like 5'9"(very generously listed at 6'). Going to be tough for him to see over the 6'7"-6'9" OL this staff is recruiting
Yeah, that was the key negative of him ever receiving P5 offers. Not a tall kid when he was a senior at CBC. He’s a winner and battler though. Just no length at all.


South Carolina
Top 10 transfer QBs by career production, per 24/7. Didn’t see this posted but could have missed it.

Gabbert looks intriguing.
Great list. Thanks! After reading through those snapshots:

1. McNamara - MICH
2. Card - TEXAS
3. Bachmeier - BOISE ST

And I have absolutely no idea which, if any, we'll be pursuing. All three seem to have some sort of connection to the Western part of the US, so maybe that bodes well for the Big Ten, Bret, Lunney Jr. and our new West Coast ties!
If Jalen Kitna stars in his own personal "Longest Yard" for the next 5 years, will he still have eligibility?

I mean if he can avoid getting sacked and shived that long he may have a pretty effective RPO game.
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