Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Welcome to the Illinois Football Recruiting Thread :illinois:

2023 Illini Football Commits

1) RB Kaden Feagin (March 23rd, 2022)
2) LB Antwon Hayden (March 29th, 2022)
3) OL TJ McMillen (May 21st, 2022)
4) OL Zachary Aamland (May 30th, 2022)
5) DE Pat Farrell (June 5th, 2022)
6) QB Cal Swanson (June 6th, 2022)
7) K David Olano (June 19th, 2022)
8) DB Jaheim Clarke (June 19th, 2022)
9) DL Mason Muragin (June 21st, 2022)
10) OLB/DE Calvin Smith (June 23rd, 2022)
11) WR Teremun Lott (June 27th, 2022)
12) TE Nathan Guinn (June 27th, 2022)
13) DB Kenari Wilcher (July 4th, 2022)
14) DB Zachary Tobe (August 6th, 2022)
15) P Declan Duley (September 14th, 2022)
16) OL Dez'Mond Schuster (October 20th, 2022)
17) DB Saboor Karriem (October 22nd, 2022)
18) DL Alex Bray (October 24th, 2022)
19) OL Brandon Henderson (November 15th, 2022)

2024 Illini Football Commits

1) OL Brandon Hansen (November 22nd, 2022)
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I enjoyed seeing Marcus Washington and Alante Brown take the L yesterday. Locals are too good for the Illini then get beat by them later
we'll have more chances the next few weeks. They never turned us down bc Lovie never offered, but MSU's starting QB and best WR are from IL. Michigan always takes some of IL's best talent annually...and of course the mildcats have beaten us for plenty of in state talent.
I’ll put my money on Roderick Pierce. We could be thin at DL pending some NFL decisions
Flipping him would be awesome!!! Currently living in Madison and flying my Illini flag with here hasn't been as insufferable as I had imagined (from a fandome standpoint), but any time we can hand one to the "home" team, well, that just warms my soul.
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