Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Land O Insects between Quincy-Macomb-Jacksonville
Having a Lake Travis QB with an Austin Westlake QB, dang!

BTW with the 247 class calculator, Card puts the Illini in the top 30 and Altmeyer puts them in the top 31!
Westlake and Travis spits out Q-backs. I remember seeing Brees play in H.S. for the Chaps. Had not seen anyone throw like that before and have never since. The guy threw darts.
If hosting the two could that mean it doesn’t sound good for DiVito from the NCAA. I don’t think you would bring in two top 4 stars for your qb if DiVito wasn’t able to get a waiver.
It means first come first served. It would be foolish to only work only one alternative. I think we can agree Bielema is not foolish.


Cincinnati, OH
I have no idea if Illinois has a chance with each of these names but there are tiers. Put them in my preferred order in each tier.

Take Them Immediately
Leary (NC State)
Armstrong (Virginia)
Pyne (Notre Dame)
Card (Texas)

Lower Level Stars Wanting More
Gabbert (Miami OH)
Reed (WKU)

Up & Comers Who Haven't Played
Altmyer (Ole Miss)
Drones (Baylor)
Hornsby (Arkansas)
Veilleux (Penn State)

Previous Starters/Never Met Their Ceiling
Mertz (Wisconsin)
Sims (GT)
Slovis (WV)

Bump. Sims going to Nebraska. Also interesting that the lower level stars left the portal to return home.
I saw Devito on Green Street last night. Not sure what he's still doing around Champaign? Has the waiver not been ruled on??Color me confused.
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