Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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If we are looking at a RB in the portal, Wyoming's Titus Swen might be the best 1-year option if we go that way. He will be a SR next year
and he had 207 attempts for 1,039 yards and 8 TD's. I was just looking up RB's in the portal. Several RS Freshman out there as well if we want a long term fix like Altmyer at QB.
He entered the portal because Wyoming dismissed him for violating team rules

Be interesting to see if anyone else transfers out from Illinois and who declares for the NFL Draft. More players that just played in bowls recently have declared for the portal. Sure BB has a plan set up whether they add another body now, wait and see how the current players/recruits develop before next season, etc. Still have a little over 2 weeks for this portal to close and next one open in May.

We will lose some guys to the portal/Draft but it sounded like BB was pretty confident that a number of guys are going to return. Remember hearing him mention that they didn't want to take away from the Bowl game and announcements would be coming in the near future.
Another CB for Malik Elzy


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