Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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This is a long, multiple years process. If the team shows gradual improvement in getting guys to the NFL, increasing wins, growing fan interest . . . the recruits will come.

We've now got a solid staff. Very good facilities. Selling more season tickets. Increasing NIL. An AD who truly gets it. And the team is now competitive in almost every game, where for much of the prior 25 years it was not. Maybe we're not trending STRAIGHT up, but we definitely are trending in the right direction.
Mizzou went from basement dweller to SEC contender in 4 years. Just sayin’.
We were 5-7 last year. We should have been 7-5 with a pass interference call vs NW and no choke job vs WI.

Portal gives and takes away. I am excited to see if Bret can get back to 8 wins in 2024. It is harder with addition of 3 very good Pac12 teams but this is the new world.
Add in the botched first down in the Iowa game - IW had CLEARLY picked it up...

or that Casey semi-drop...

there were other botched opportunities as well in that game I can't remember...nor do I have any wish in doing so...

That Iowa game - second to scUM in '22 in terms of most hurtful game in the BB era IMO. Just PLEASE get rid of these late game heartbreaking chokes...Goodness...
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