Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Welcome to the Illinois Football Recruiting Thread :illinois:

2025 Illini Football Commits

1) OL Michael McDonough (January 19th, 2024)
2) QB Carson Boyd (January 27th, 2024)
3) OL Griffin Rousseau (January 29th, 2024)
4) DB Andre Lovett (March 11th, 2024)
5) DB Xanai Scott (March 12th, 2024)
6) WR Brayden Trimble (May 20th, 2024)
7) DL Cameron Brooks (June 9th, 2024)
8) DL Isaiah White (June 10th, 2024)
9) DB Desmond Straughton (June 23rd, 2024)
10) DE Erik Gayle (June 26th, 2024)
11) RB Cedric Wyche (June 29th, 2024)
12) DB Robert Jones (June 29th, 2024)
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and not Nebraska
This is why we can count on Dan not to start Illini Women Basketball threads, even tho i would like to see some.
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