Illinois Football Uniforms

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Please, for the love of everything decent and good, NO SHIELD, NO BLOCK I!!! My 1st choice is the Juice uni I posted earlier but withoutthe stars. 2nd is the script Illini.
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Maybe just put a small shield on the back of the helmet. Think the shield looks good on a t-shirt but not as main logo on side of helmet.
They used the victory shield as pride stickers for the initial post-Nike rebrand helmets. They were great for that. That's an instance where you need a secondary logo. Watching Clemson last night, it bothered me that they have tiger paw pride stickers on a helmet with big tiger paw logos. It looks weird to only have one logo.
My favorite is a plain, simple and distinctive ILLINI on the helmet. Block I is generic (Indiana's got one). Shield is run of the mill. In a far different time and place, I would have loved to have seen that beautiful Chief logo on an orange, navy blue or even white helmet - no stripes, no numbers, nothing but logo.
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Anybody see the zoom call with Bielema and the alumni? He said that there is nothing cleaner to him than the block I and he would like to see it on the pants also. Commented that he wants the uniforms to not be constantly changing and help establish an identity. He also called the shield "that alternate logo with the block I and those tracks underneath" :ROFLMAO: This might give some clues to future unis.