Illinois Football Uniforms



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Alright, here's my novel helmet idea. From afar it looks like some kind of blue and orange houndstooth type of pattern, but upon closer inspection it's a bunch of small interlocking blue and orange :illinois: I feel like someone with way more talent and time than me could mock up something that looks great with that idea, and it would certainly be unique. Or awful! Think I'd have to actually see it to know.


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The white one looks good, but that would never be our primary helmet color. The orange and blue are rough.
I agree that the white helmet is good and can also support the orange one. I am not a big fan of the blue option. If we can develop jerseys and pants to go with the white and orange helmets, I think that we'd be in business.

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Not sure if these are mock ups, but the basketball jerseys on this are the actual jerseys

Why are there so many sets of stripes? We don't need side piping, two sets of stripes on the sleeves, AND stripes on the collar. Also, I really never want to see Illinois in the slanted font across the chest of our football jerseys. Everything about it is much too much. Keep the jerseys clean and simple.
I wouldn't be surprised if those are correct, basically a 70s throwback. Still can't say I like them from the mock up though. I would have expected something more closer to what would be considered typical Illini uniforms from Bielema since I don't think the 70s style uniforms are what most people see as the typical Illini style uniforms. It would make sense I guess though if they want to use the 70s script to use a 70s uniform.
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If those are coming, then 🤮🤬 Why in the world can't the DIA get a decent in house Designer to avoid the oh so-many literally text book design mistakes that continue to be made over and over. It's sad
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These I’d be fine with I’ve always thought we should wear orange jerseys View attachment 18242
This is a great case study right here. Because of the position of the two stripes, the ILLINI was lower, closer to the ear hole. When we changed to one center stripe, however, the ILLINI remained down low by the ear hole resulting in this awkward spacing and generally crappy look. The ILLINI should have been brought higher on the helmet closer the striping.
I personally like these mockups for Auburn (except for the number font).





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