Illinois Golf 2023-24



Herndon, VA
Maintaining our lead through 5. Really forcing others to play catch up by going lower than us.


Los Angeles
We generally do well in crappy weather as a golf team. But yea could see that. Interesting adding those teams shouldn’t make it much harder to win big tens. USC and ucla are just decent, Oregon has a recent great pedigree but are also just ok now. Wash isn’t good I don’t think.
This got me curious, so I looked up the match-play participants since 2009 (when match play started), and here's what I tallied:

School - Top 8 Finishes - Finals - Championships
Illinois: 8,1,0
Oregon: 4,2,1
USC: 4,1,0
UCLA: 4,0,0
Washington: 3,0,0

Michigan: 1,0,0
Ohio St: 1,0,0

While ASU (5 times), Stanford (3) and Cal (2) have also qualified for match play in that time with Stanford winning the 2019 title, it's safe to say that the newcomers are 4 of the top 6 PAC-12 programs (with ASU and Stanford) and will make the Big Ten much better in the sport. Though it's also fair to argue that Illinois is still the top team in the conference based on consistently getting to Nationals and qualifying for match play 8 times in 14 seasons.

This year Washington is ranked #9 and Oregon #24, though both are struggling in their regionals. UCLA is currently 8th in our regional and USC did not qualify.
So happy to see piercen play like this. This team has all the talent just has to keep finding good rounds and some consistency. If everyone plays 2 good to great rounds a tournament they’ll be tough to beat.
Tyler goecke is another crazy story. Missed the big ten championships which sucks if he was going to play like this! Played horrendously at Atkins was Illinois worst player by far. And now is dominating so far. Golf would be so hard to coach if you have 7-8 capable guys for 5 spots
To the posters on this board who have been predicting Piercen was a "high-ceiling" and could have a day like this, well done! What's the record for the lowest round in college golf?
To the posters on this board who have been predicting Piercen was a "high-ceiling" and could have a day like this, well done! What's the record for the lowest round in college golf?
He’s always been like that very high ceiling player tons of talent just has struggled with consistency. Last year he had one round that was like 10 under at the missouri event. Him and Jackson finished the tournament like 25 under. I think he was 12 under that round and finished his round on an easy hole with a double cause he put the ball into the water.


Herndon, VA
Who are those guys and what did they eat for breakfast???? We are now tied for the lead.
Closing strong today. Hope Jackson can close strong for some confidence won’t matter score wise but would be good for him.
Approaching the end of round two, the Illini are about twenty strokes inside the Top 5, for the purposes of advancing. I like our chances.

This team is such an adventure. Viewing in person must be as close to riding a roller coaster as watching golf gets.
and all of a sudden Herendeen is on a tear. Seems as though we should be a lock for Top 5
We’re basically a lock. I don’t want to be too confident or anything but it would take a historic collapse. Even a Stanford lvl bad round and we’d be looking at 2nd or 3rd.
17 has been rough this weekend 18 too mostly good to see Jackson birdie. But man overall fantastic play. FSU closed strong too should be a good battle for first tomorrow.
great shape for sure after day 2, team looks poised to make a run. Great contributions so far from everybody. Just stay the course and get ready for the Championship. This is program is simply a national power, It is amazing at how consistently they make the finals. Small has to be on level grounds with the best coaches in the country.
Also that scorecard that somebody mentioned earlier for Maichon, straight golf porn. no bogeys! two eagles, come on, that is a sweet card. He is only made one 5 all tourney. thats incredible, if he would have birdied the first yesterday, that might be the best two rounds of golf on a scorecard I've seen. go get him Max!