Illinois Golf 2023-24

Not quite over, but we look like the class of this regional and going to win this thing

Great win boys!!! What a rebound from last weekend. NW got 2nd to last MSU got 3rd to last in same regional. Purdue got 2nd at home and OSU got 4th. 3 b10 teams advance. Also a Minnesota individual golfer is tearing it up at the Stanford regional and a Wisconsin golfer did well individually at 1 regional too. Big ten golf is top heavy but the top is solid.
And what about Tyler? Gee whiz, thanks Tyler, well done. You certainly earned a spot at national.
Great play by Tyler 5 bogies the whole tournament! Nothing worse. The Texas an and m guy with the unique name only had 1 bogey the whole tournament that he made today that guy had a week too. What a battle for the last 2 spots too! Smu fading on the front after a great back but maybe the front is harder today? Illinois killed it on the back compared to the front even with only 1 birdie on 16.


Illini -9 for the day? No team really close. You pretty much demolished the field, and I couldn't be more pleased - and kind of surprised. But sports are full of adventure and suspense. Illini: you made my day. Congratulations all! On to Californey.
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UCLA out of it. Last few holes they went triple bogey bogey par par bogey. ASU probably will miss out because one of the best players in the country senior summerhayes who has played in pro pga events played awful this weekend worst player on asu. Feel bad that’s how his college career ends


Watch out for the Minnesota guy playing individually he’s only through 9 and is 4 under on the day 10 under overall. But looking at his rounds he generally does really well on the front and just ok on the back.
I thought the guy from Missouri would make a move. Sorry for him, but not Mizzou. Never. Kinda kidding.
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Outstanding form heading into the Championship! great to see and confidence has to be soaring

Next step get through the grueling stroke play portion 54 holes to start with a cut down to 15 then the 4th day cuts to 8. If you get through that you have had an outstanding run.


In the harsh light of a new morning, I say Illini have to work on those par 3s.

Otherwise I couldn't be happier.

Great performance.



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Five of the top 10 teams (ASU, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Washington, Alabama) failed to advance to the championships. Assuming the Illini climb in the polls with the win, they should be in the top 10 for seeding next weekend.

For the rest of the B10, Purdue and Ohio State also advanced to the championships. None of next year's newcomers qualified. Also Minnesota's Ben Warian, who finished T2 behind Max, will compete as an individual next weekend.