Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (November 2020)

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I'll bet your English teacher wasn't that excited either. lol JK
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Ok I’ve seen enough of TyTy. He looks like a star to me. He’s as good as some of the borderline 5 star recruits. Not getting Nesbitt could be a blessing in disguise. Sneaking in late and getting him would make up for a lot of the nut punches over the years. A 3 guard lineup with him Miller and AC would be insane.
I was told TyTy is down to two. Visit may have sealed the deal... :shield:
He wasn't able to have contact with the coaches, but I assume he was given a tour by one or more of our current players? Did he scrimmage with anyone?
I feel good about these type of recruitments. The ones that see much quieter. If you had to pick the odds he comes to the beloved, what would you say? Thanks!
If I had to put a number on it which I hate doing because recruiting kids is so fluid..
But I do know that a certain recruiter had an impromptu phone call come just a few hours ago from said player....
Number I'd say 65% which is pretty good considering we didnt get involved until late and he already had his top 10..
I'm not saying he IS coming but I am saying that there's a very good chance.
Ty looking good. Would be a huge shot in the arm.
Sounds like the staff thinks TyTy is locked and loaded for Champaign. Unfortunately they said that about a few others the last couple months as well. Sounds promising today but as we have seen way too frequently, we are still a week out and that’s an eternity for these recruits and their final college decision
16 plus schools after Etienne You pursue a recruit for literally years. Recuriting certainly must be a continuous process of pain and exhillaration, the pain of a player opting to go elsewhere, the exhillration when you receive that phone call or announcement. Have to have a lot of respect for Underwood and his staff, only a handful of people have the communication skill to do this on a day in and day out basis.
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