Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (November 2020)

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Winged Warrior
Wilfred Brimley passed away not long ago. I wish posters on this thread would stick to recruiting news and opine upon that subject.

Winged Warrior
This could be a really big get if the closing was indeed his visit.

Frazier, DMFW, Ayo, Feliz, Curbelo, Miller.....then TyTy? Imagine TyTy with the same 15-20 lbs. we've seen on these guys.

This is an unbelievably amazing 5 possibly 6 year run of guards. Take out Frazier and DMFW (Groce) and still this staff is killing it.'s about some...

Scottsdale, AZ
Any news on the recruiting front concerning possibilities to replace Kofi? Etienne? Anyone else?
Great in the post , uses both hands beautifully, good passer, 3 point range = Beast
Looks more like a 4 than a 5 to me but think that would be ideal for BU as long as big enough to rebound and play defense. Be interesting mix with Mac, Giorgi, Cole, BBV, Jermaine and Brandon. Lot of size mixed with some shooting, ball handling, and passing skills. Post Kofi era will be very different.
Ace Wolf
He looks like a slightly more physical Giorgi to me. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but “Beast” might be a little too orange koolaidy.
No offense to Indy, Mac is a great player offensively... but I saw him live on the circuit a few times last year and he was getting destroyed in the post by quicker, longer big men!

in all seriousness, Mac seemed to dissolve rather quickly against Diabetes and couldn’t absorb contact from Kepnang...
Ace Wolf
He’s not committed yet, I’d say the same thing if he was committed elsewhere. He heard from Duke at one point and has interest from Kentucky and Kansas. I’m not sure those teams recruit anything but beasts
I think the market for quality big men is thin in this class. I don’t think we are the only major program having to scrap & claw our way thru the weeds to find a “beast” to fit in our front court.

Is there a backup plan to Mac? Just curious.
No. Not a viable one...
New York
Does anyone know why Mac is waiting until spring to commit?
No but some guesses-
he’s under no time pressure to commit to us or Miami (his top two choices currently) because we’ll have a spot for him in the spring. He’s drawing interest from other schools (most recently Kentucky) and wants to see what offers come in. And maybe he wants the chance to do more research and potentially visit places, which may be a possibility if covid relents.
Basically it seems like we’re not in a position to rush him and he reasonably wants to take his time and see what develops.
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