Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (October 2020)

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Still a lot if mixed info. I'm prepping for the worst. Will make me less disappointed if we miss and more pumped if we get him
Do we have any indication that the same message is being relayed to us? That would seem to be a strong hint if we don't.
I love our insiders. Keep posting. Your posts are the main reason I am on here. Who cares If the rumor is true or not? That's half the fun of This forum. For those of you that don't like it, don't read the posts. Better yet, quit posting yourself. Go spread your negativity somewhere else. It's time to be excited about Illini basketball again.

Agreed. I target posts from certain users when I come to the board for info. Keep going for those of us that look for it!
My Illini basketball class of 2021 Projection
Luke Goode
Kordell Charles
Transfer Bigmac
Transfers Wing
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