Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of April 12th, 2021)

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General consensus is that he never learned how to play the 2-3 zone properly and as a result caused major defensive lapses.
Every time I watched Syracuse (admittedly not a lot) I would see him being blown by or back doored for a layup. That's not supposed to happen in a zone. Sometimes he was so out of position it seemed like he thought he was playing man. He also suffered from a lack of focus on defense when he was at Illinois.
If you're not an insider (and I'm certainly not saying you've ever claimed to be one), then I don't know how you can know any of those things without making your own set of assumptions.

1. We know that Trent's dad and brother have both indicated that Trent is at least thinking about coming back next year.
2. We know that Miller has met with our staff since entering the transfer portal. And that was after entering the transfer portal without meeting with them first.
3. Kofi has yet to declare for the draft, Podz is under the impression that Kofi will still be on the roster next year, and Payne looks more like a replacement for Giorgi than Kofi.

A lot can still change between now and the start of next season, but there seem to be indications of things moving in our favor on some of these fronts. That's far from a guarantee, but it's probably sufficient basis for some guarded optimism.
In no way shape or form am I an insider. I guess I'm kind of playing devil's advocate?
1. I agree that the smoke around Trent returning seems about as legit as possible, but he's a true senior, let him make his own decision and announcement.

2. The Miller stuff, to me at least, resembles a classic recruitment more than it resembles a Trent-like change of heart and return. Smoke of meetings with the staff, more offers from other schools, other schools "cooling" on him. I'll believe he's back when he's actually back and not a second sooner.

3. Kofi is pure speculation regardless of which "side" you take. I love Kofi. Selfishly I'd love to have him come back and make a run at NPOY. But his situation is different than most. He's old. He's international. He had a legit friendship/bond with Giorgi. He's almost a unicorn in terms of the type of player he is. Like if he does return, I sure wouldn't want to see him pick and popping from 15 feet, when he could instead roll for a dunk. I think he has to go through the process completely, and with the intention of going pro. If near the deadline he is told he basically has no place in the NBA, then his decision is to get paid well overseas or have fun in college and try to be THE star of the sport.

I guess I have a hard time seeing him increase his stock more by coming back. I think there's a fine line of leaving while he still is seen as having a lot of potential, and improving his game slightly, but losing that potential and gaining a year in age.
If Kofi was an average player considering the draft, yes, I'd get your point. But you're talking about an Ayo level player. Someone who has a legitimate shot at being a first rounder and making millions. It's really not that crazy.

Disclaimer: If Kofi stays, it's not a question of "if" he becomes a NPOY candidate. He is a lock. The amount of attention he'll get with that alone - and if he plays well and shows improvements - will get him into the first round.
Garza was NPOY this year. Hell still get drafted in the middle to bottom half of the second round. Unless Kofi learns how to guard on the 3pt line and gets a little jumper hell probably be in the same boat. I think him coming back would be good for his draft stock he'll be looked at as an Azubuike.
I guess I have a hard time seeing him increase his stock more by coming back. I think there's a fine line of leaving while he still is seen as having a lot of potential, and improving his game slightly, but losing that potential and gaining a year in age.
This was how I felt about Ayo last year. And then he became a NPOY, made improvements in the areas they told him to, and here we are. This path isn't a guarantee to land you in the first round, but I'd bet there's a history of it working out for people.

I wouldn't be surprised either way for Kofi. There's arguments for both sides. It's up to him to choose the narrative he'll go with.
hearing that adam miller is a LSU lean right now

Shoot. If that is the case, it really does seem to be the case that he wants more of a "Team Alpha" role, no? That would be a shame. He could be a star (among others) on next year's team, and he really would make us a lot better, IMO. Plus, as a native Peorian, I'd hate to see the first elite hometown recruit in a while head elsewhere after one year where he started every game.
hearing that adam miller is a LSU lean right now
If that happens it proves what many have said. Adam Miller cares only about Adam Miller, period.

And that's his right, it may not benefit him short or long term, but its the American right.

Plenty of fish in the sea this year! Some better, some not, but we also have a lot of guys incoming already that may fill that hole better than we anticipate. Some on roster may be held back right now, or coming back that provide what he would have anyway.

This may work out to our benefit if chemistry wasn't there anyway. Chemistry wins champio ships more than individual talent, anyway.
... Not sure if you were responding to my post, but I was pretty clearly trying to hypothesize what another person (i.e., Adam Miller) was thinking, not using the term "Alpha" myself. :)
Didn't mean to come across as attacking your comment - I know BU uses that term and it seems detrimental to team dynamics - but that's just me.
hearing that adam miller is a LSU lean right now
I always had a weird feeling (based on nothing but a hunch) that AM looked at a guy like Cam Thomas and thought to himself "that should be me too." So, wouldn't surprise me if he went down there to jack up a bunch of shots.
Graduating in '79 would put him smack dab in the middle of the black hole that was the Gary Moeller era ('80 grad myself). I'm pretty sure there were no 70,000 sell outs when "moleface" was coach.

Bob Blackman --- fall of 1976. I guess this would be his sophomore year.

Fresh off a victory over the Missouri Tigers. Home games vs. Baylor and Texas A&M. My dad called that particular "Dad's Day" the best sports environment he had ever attended in-person up to that point. Chubby Phillips. Kurt Steger. Dan Beaver. Scott Studwell. John Sullivan. (Oh -- and 8 beers for a dollar after that Mizzou win!)

31976-09-211Michigan (2-0-0)147Big Ten
31976-09-212Ohio State (2-0-0)23Big Ten
31976-09-213Pitt (2-0-0)37Ind
31976-09-214Oklahoma (2-0-0)43Big 8
31976-09-215UCLA (2-0-0)5Pac-8
31976-09-216Nebraska (1-0-1)82Big 8
31976-09-217Georgia (2-0-0)92SEC
31976-09-218Maryland (2-0-0)102ACC
31976-09-219Texas A&M (2-0-0)112SWC
31976-09-2110Kansas (3-0-0)133Big 8
31976-09-2111Penn State (1-1-0)74Ind
31976-09-2112Arkansas (2-0-0)12SWC
31976-09-2113Alabama (1-1-0)141SEC
31976-09-2114Illinois (2-0-0)Big Ten
31976-09-2115LSU (1-0-1)161SEC
31976-09-2116North Carolina (3-0-0)171ACC
31976-09-2117Ole Miss (2-1-0)203SEC
31976-09-2118Boston College (1-0-0)153Ind
31976-09-2119USC (1-1-0)Pac-8
31976-09-2120Texas Tech (1-0-0)
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