Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of April 12th, 2021)

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I tend to agree. I find Frazier/Plummer redundant players. You really only need 1 guy like that, we got 2. So I think my attitude on the situation has alot to do with if Kofi comes back. If Kofi comes back, then yes it'd be great to have Frazier/Plummer/Damonte all back, veterans, and just go at it again for 1 year. BUT, if Kofi doesn't come back, then I'd rather start the rebuild next season and get our young guys minutes, than spend time playing these 1 year guys like TF/Plummer/Damonte.

I'd rather prepare for the future, than do whatever we can in the present just to make the NCAA tourney. Like, as a fan, if you asked me whether I'd want to play Goode/Podz or Frazier next year, I'd pick Goode/Podz if I knew Kofi wasn't coming back. I figure Kofi is the difference between if we are a true top 10 level team, or if we are a bubble team. So if were a bubble team, I'd rather play the young guys.
Since when is having two players who are similar "redundant"? 6 players who all play the same position and do the same things would be but not two. One could be injured or have an off night and the other could step in and get the job done. Match ups might be an issue sometimes. If you have two players that are similar in ability is the other team going to have two defenders of equal ability? Having Trent and Plummer on the court at the same time is a wonderful luxury not a redundancy problem.
Lou's first recruiting class is definitely the past. The Bresnahan brothers were all solid high school players at Fenwick,
but Neil was probably the best of the brothers. Those of you who don't remember Neil, he was a 6'6" rebounding machine
who was a solid defensive player. He was the perfect compliment to the shining star named Levi.
That was actually Lou's second class. It also included Steve Lanter and Rob Juddon. His first class consisted of Ken Ferdinand and Larry Lubin. He could only sign 6 for the first 2 years due to NCAA violations committed on Harv Schmidt's watch. That was also before early signing.
AM is live and it seems like he decided where he’s going. He said he’s not going to Michigan and that he never talked to them.
Miller said he decided to enter the portal for numerous reasons, but also that none of them were things that couldn’t be fixed. He quickly followed though saying that that wasn’t a hint.
Really interesting Ace live tonight. If I had to guess, I would say either LSU or Illinois with Texas Tech and Kentucky with an outside shot..
His friend guessed Louisville and AM didn't come with a good defense. Looks awfully true to me.
I agree, seemed leaning hard towards Louisville but then with Edgar... idk almost seemed like he's made his decision and is playing at coming back. Again, idk but that's how it came across at the end. I don't even know why I'm so invested in this, I like how the roster is looking so far regardless of what AM chooses. I'd prefer he stay tho.
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Really interesting Ace live tonight. If I had to guess, I would say either LSU or Illinois with Texas Tech and Kentucky with an outside shot..
Ace is a great player that has proved himself at the highest of levels, but take a moment and guess how many guards we have on roster. Storr and Bass are also stealing playing time next year. Best case scenario is we keep Kofi, JH leaves C-U, and we pull in a highly touted 4. Praying it's Tre. Is this what we are all thinking, or do we want...another guard?
With Trent back PG is covered. Like to see Tre with Kofi or even playing with Hawk. Much different look and very difficult to defend as both can shoot. Just not sure how you defend against Dickinson and others his size. Guess OSU did it pretty successfully last year though.
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