Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (Week of May 24th, 2021)

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Easy there Chief. I never intended to ruffle the feathers on anybody’s headdress.

I’m guilty of making a comment about a recruit in a recruiting was poorly worded and not well thought out.( I’m not the first and I won’t be the last.)

I’ve acknowledged this fact ad nauseam. I’m completely new to the site...therefore I replied back to people as much as did to be polite.
I damn sure never intended to hijack any thread...or whatever you’re implying. How in the flip
could I know it would turn into this
endless stream of comments??
Some people are good and some are lucky....and then there are those that are both!
Storr and Bass are ranked 32nd and 35th in rivals SG rankings for 2022.
Is it not a thing to follow your shot any more? I don't normally look for that sort of thing when I watch these videos, but it stood out to me in this one.
Following your shot and boxing out aren’t really a big thing for this generation of hoopers....
the mark of a true shooter is their 3-point celebration....whether the “3 goggles”, Carmelo 3 to the head, or the 3 bow and nowadays main focus is on the celebration.....even if it doesn’t go in!
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It sounded like it was pretty closed when Underwood made a point to say he wouldn't hire a coach to get a player in his presser a few days ago.
So I guess that rules out Kofi being hired to be his assistant coach?
Not open for further replies.