Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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You mean the public state school that we all pay taxes to fund? The same one that pays it's Chancellor and President half a million dollars per year?

Every public state funded school should be free to every American that wants to attend. Pay for your housing and food.
Public education should be free.
You want to pay $100K to go to ND or Dook.....Ivy league? Knock yourself and your parents bank accounts out.

We all wonder why we turn on the news and watch the ignorance that permeates our society now. We turned education in to a marketable product and public schools into corporations. As a country we gave up on educating the masses. /rant
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I know I’m the minority but I consider 4 free years of school quite the compensation package
Yes, the scholarship athletes get the opportunity to receive a free education. But the scholarship athletes in the revenue sports also put in the effort that translates in to scholarships for athletes on the non revenue sports. So not only can the earn a degree for free, so can other athletes whose sports don't make a penny. Not really an equitable situation once you think about it.
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