Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Me to everyone with an account on here.
Any word on who the front runners are for our portal guys? I know Omar to Jacksonville and Belo to St John's. Podz? BBV?


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To enjoy or not enjoy Mr. pruman91's posts is another path in life that only you can decide for yourself...........

Do I find his gifs and posts entertaining ???
Do I loathe his gifs and posts and wish he would stop and desist immediately ???
Do I not give a rat's a!! either way..........??

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I've experienced some depths in my life that has given me pause , but this ISN'T one of those abyss' in life that can grab your gonads and twist them to and fro causing pain beyond description.......This is a sports and facebook site , at least to me........if you want stats non stop then this might not be the place for you ......

How about we all come together in a big group hug and make up instead of break up..........I want that more than anything .......I really really do .................

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WALKEN the pole.................Impressive ......................
Pru, is the Walken on the pole girl NL 1,2 or 3?
You should really check out YouTube to see some classic one-on-one battles (pun intended) between Mike Battle and John Morant, Ja's less-talented yet extraordinary brother (5 PPG!). Neither one can go left even though they're both left-handed, but the footwork: amazing! I mean, they both travel quite a bit and carry the ball a little too often. But other than that, amazing!
This is gold!
Any news on Hutcherson's and Grandison's decision? I'm pretty sure we all have the same take on Jake but Hutcherson may end up coming back, who knows. I'd like to add him back if he could stay healthy. Kid is a freak athlete when he's at or above 90%!
Unless you watched practices I don’t get where you saw freak athleticism. In the game time I saw him get, he looked like he needed to add muscle and like the game was moving fast for him to me. Seems like a great kid and I wish him nothing but the best, but I don’t think he’d play much on this team and him being above 90% didn’t seem to ever happen.
Please don't tell me what to do. There has been zero indication he is coming back. There have been interviews and announcements and mentions by Underwood of every other player who actually is returning next year.

I don't know what recruit we didn't get because he was on scholarship. But you don't know there isn't a recruit we passed on because of him either. Hence why I said "probably".
I don’t know about the past 2 years… but I do think it would be a wasted ride moving forward given that he can’t stay healthy. On the other hand, if the staff just wants to stick it out with the kid for culture purposes, I’m fine with that… but I have no delusions about him ever contributing on the court. Obviously, if we don’t have enough kids we like to fill the spot then it doesn’t matter anyway.
But he hasn't proven that. I hope he can and quickly. Otherwise this decision to leave is going to have an opportunity cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next two years. I hope he made the correct choice for himself and his family. I fear he didn't and that could be very sad to not take the sure thing. Either way it's his life and I pray to God it works out for him. I didn't want him back because of our team. I know he passed on an amazing opportunity to be millionaire for sure if he had stayed 2 years. At least he was on an amazing path to be set financially for sure for the rest of his life. The Illini Basketball program will be fine regardless. I love Kofi actually have on my King Kofi T shirt now. I'm thankful we had him three years. I just pray he made the right decision to be a wealthy man for sure. Hopefully he did. He certainly made a massive bet on himself. Now let's go add another big man. His hard work and success will help BU do just that. Go Illini.
I hated to see Kofi leave and wished he would have came back for one more year. He could have potentially increased his chances to get drafted and had a nice NIL deal. He also could have potentially suffered a serious injury as well. While some people feel he is getting terrible advice and made a bad decision, nobody is in his shoes and knows what his priorities are. He could very well end up in G league or on a decent Euro team and still make some damn good money while being able to work on his game full time and possibly get to the League quicker. I hope Kofi has a great career and makes a fortune. But, to say he was on an amazing path to set himself up financially for the rest of his life by making a million dollars over the next couple years at Illinois is a stretch. Sadly, a million dollars just isn't what it used to be and someone as young as him is going to need much more than that to be set financially forever. Hell, I clear 6 figures a year, live in a rural area and live well within my means and I plan on putting much more than that back just for my retirement years. Yeah, he could have lost out on possibly 500k or so by not staying at Illinois another year but that isn't exactly life changing money these days and it's probably worth the risk at his age. Either way, he made the decision he felt was best for him and I'm good with it. He will go down as an Illini legend and his jersey will hang in those rafters soon enough. He helped bring Illinois basketball back to life and I'm grateful he chose the O&B.
Anyone know who’s leading the recruitment for Nance and Mayer?

Can’t remember which insider it was, maybe 0440, said Nance has a connection to someone on staff.
Anyone know who’s leading the recruitment for Nance and Mayer?

Can’t remember which insider it was, maybe 0440, said Nance has a connection to someone on staff.
Someone said Nance’s brother worked out with TA or at his facility when preparing for draft.
Anyone know who’s leading the recruitment for Nance and Mayer?

Can’t remember which insider it was, maybe 0440, said Nance has a connection to someone on staff.
Nance and TA are close.....He has trained Nance at ground zero.....Mayer also has a connection....Brad recruited him hard when he was at OKst. He was Brads first offer when he took the job.


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Pru, is the Walken on the pole girl NL 1,2 or 3?
well , we auditioned the Walken on the pole girl last night and she is definitely a quick twitch lady..........she already has a B1G body frame and knows how to box out...............she rebounds well after exertion .....she needs to work on her turnovers but is very supportive of learning what it takes to be a NL..............................
We will have an in home visit tonight and hope to receive a commitment soon.....................................she has 4 years of eligibility plus the covid year so we look forward to seeing her in or out of O & B lingerie for a long time..............we really really do............................
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