Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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I own the honor of having my shot blocked by Harvey Catchings in a rec Men's League game. The funniest memory for me and my friends was that he wasn't anywhere near me😂
I have the honor of Jay Taylor rip at eiu smiling at me after I hit jump shot after jump shot. Then he started guarding me.
What's even more frustrating than watching him struggle is watching so many people who don't comprehend that he was not healthy and happily throw him under the bus.
If Belo returns to form next year he may be an all American and a 1st round pick in the NBA. He is special with that kind of potential. Thats why I hate so much how things worked out this year, hated seeing him go.
And some people on here are wayyyy too caught up with treating returning players like they’re gold. This freshman class is different, college basketball is different than it was in the past. The best players play, regardless of class. I think Luke will be a great rotational piece for four years, but this year might be tough for him to play a significant role.
I think Luke will be a great rotational piece for four years, but this year might be tough for him to play a significant role.

With the transfer portal this type of player may be far less common in the past..


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The injury happened in the preseason. I was there and you could hear the thud of his head on the floor from across the arena. He was hurt well before the Marquette game and you could see the effect in that game.
You could hear it on TV. I couldn't believe he got up


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Not sure if this has been posted but...
Any idea on a timeline for both Nojus and James? I'm also curious what '23s might commit in the not-too-distant future (not necessarily to Illinois, but players that the IL staff likes).

I mean there are many HM college coaches who I talk to that have said they aren't even going to bother with Nojus or Brown because they're going to Illinois, Duke, or UNC ... 🤷‍♂️ I think you will see them wait a little while, and won't be a case like Morez where they are committed way in advance but I have been surprised before ... At least that one will be a great surprise;)

For 2023, I haven't got word of any of our significant targets committing anytime soon. I know they will start taking some visits but nothing commitment-wise is set in stone quite yet ... Staff is working on deciding who to really push the gas on and who they can wait a little bit with ...

Joel Goodson

Probably gonna get reamed for this*, but I'd take Jonathon Powell over Nojus 24/7. That said, I'd take Nojus over a slew of kids. And be ecstatic about it.

* - but I don't care, lol


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Where do we see ZZ Clark landing in the final rankings? Is he a top 50 guy or more closer to top 100?
I haven't been able to find a scouting report on him and was curious.
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