Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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He looks great but his team seemed to be losing in every single highlight...
Any insiders care to guess if any current portal entries will join the Illini? Or are they yet to announce for the portal? I'm curious about players like Brandon Murray (hard pass for me), Tyger Campbell (soft pass since we need more shooters but could be convinced if we land a great outside threat w/ him), and Kel'el Ware for instance.

I'm actually hoping the staff is looking at smaller-school players with a lot to prove, like Jalen Pickett (pipe dream type of player maybe).
Also.. Lots of negativity on Love here. I'd take him in a heartbeat.
Anyone have a link to a transfer portal list that shows keys stats (eh... APG, 3FG%) and that is sortable?

Seems like it would be a no-brainer to set up a list that way so you don't have to click on Joe Schmo's name only to discover he can't shoot and barely sniffed the court last season.
At this point one may as well just check the overall NCAA stats. Seems like everyone is portal or portal adjacent for the right price. Maybe they can come up with a "do not contact" list for players that want to stay at their respective schools as that list will probably be much shorter and easier to memorize. What a mess this is.
If he makes one while getting fouled, and sinks the free throw, it's a Knecht 4.

Eric Wareheim Mind Blown GIF by Tim and Eric
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