Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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We have to be in on Storr right? Guy I thought we were all over a year or two ago, Illinois native, and above all else a guard shooting north of 40% from 3 getting big minutes as a freshmen with 3(?) years of eligibility remaining?

I mean....


When we had early commitments out of the blue from Storr and Reggie Bass, Bass confused me. Didn't look particularly close to Big Ten level. Storr on the other hand looked pretty good. Big frame, nice touch on his shot. I think his issue was his team was too good. He was not a primary option, probably not a secondary option. I didn't follow him once he went to IMG, but he did end up as a top 100 recruit. Of the guards listed thus far, since we have little chance at my guy Walter Clayton Jr, I'd put Storr at the top of the list.
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The center from Auburn is another highly touted recruited in the portal. Would love to end up with a strong transfer starting at C next year.
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One of the CBB opinions I respect most believes Love would be a great fit (and is supremely talented) I would be more than having this kid on our roster.

Truly believe he was marred by some internal team drama (like dating his teammates ex-GF) and that sort of stuff gets to 20 year old kids.

He's not that far removed from a year where he put up 16ppg, 36% from three and played 34 mpg. Get this kid on the roster NOW.
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Give me this kid all day. Only problem is I believe he's only got one year of eligibility.
The portal continues to grow daily.

Everyone should have patience. Lots of options out there now and later on. It's gonna be a helluva ride.
And we're a successful program with playing time to offer and a lotta NIL money to throw around.

It's a lot more fun being an Illini fan now that talent acquisition is no longer a function strictly of whether faceless Chicagoland AAU hangers-on think your program is "cool".
I hope Brad does not go crazy in transfer portal. Recruiting over your HS recruits is a good way to get them to transfer. Plus team culture and chemistry is very important. We had good talent this year but it did not work together. Nobody wanted to feed our big man in the post. Too much 1 on 5 hero ball from both TSJ and MM.

I want to see RJ, Luke, Dain, Ty, Sencire, Nico, Branden, Amari, and DGS out there giving 100% on defense, running the offense. Dain is a potential all american who passes much better than Kofi and should create a lot of open looks for RJ and Luke. There is enough talent there to have a great team. Look at NW and PSU did with much less talent.

My wish list from transfer portal - more underclassmen like Dain and Jacob G. Role players like players looking to double the scoring average and get to NBA.

My all time favorite Illini team - B10 champs 1997

Matt Heldman SR (late spring signee)
Brian Johnson SR (walkon)
Jarod Gee SR (only heralded recruit)
Jerry Hester redshirt SR (terrible injury his senior year.
Kevin Turner SR (non glamor half of package deal with Bryant Notree)
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Knecht vs

a certain 6'5 Sophomore Santa Clara Guard 19.9ppg 8.8 reb 3.7 ast 48.3% FG 43.8% 3PFG

The second guy is a guy I love, but also a guy who I don't think would have anywhere near those numbers in the Big 10. Plus, Knecht's team was 8th in the Big Sky conference which isn't full of top level talent which makes me question his actual impact. But I keep hearing he's highly sought after and I sure haven't seen more than a handful of highlights so maybe he will be great for someone.
Live in Toledo...I've seen him a lot. Not the quickest in the world, but smooth & strong. Good scorer. Kid can play!
I remember him from his high school days at Oswego East. Always thought he had power 5 ability and he's just gotten better and better across the board every year.
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