Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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It’s wild to me how fast “having a top recruiting class” lost some/a lot of it’s value. It still matters but not NEARLY as much as it did three years ago.

The Portal Era is just beginning.
I don't think it's value has decreased so much as the definition of "recruiting class" has expanded. And it's not just the portal. Without NIL, you wouldn't likely see so many impact players entering the portal or forgoing a pro career for an extra year in college. But the combination of those 2 things mean there are a lot more options for coaches to pick up experienced, talented transfers.
Morez might end up being the best player that ever puts on the o&b…not hyperbole…

Having him, Ty & Hansberry on the floor together and I don’t see how those 3 lose a game… we’re talking top 5/1 seed good.

I’m sober by the way.


Why mess around with pesky comparisons (is just like this all-time Illini great, like that NBA hall of famer, a more athletic Larry Bird, etc), when one can skip right to GOAT? Seems perfectly reasonable and very wide-eyed realistic.
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