Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread

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Saying like it or leave it is a terrible way to be a part of a community.

And acting like the people politely pointing out that change might be warranted and would most definitely be appreciated is bullying is ridiculous.

Y’all are acting like you’re fighting for freedom on here 😂

No part of me wants Pruman or any of y’all to shut up. I enjoy 98% of Pru’s posts, will smoke something in his honor today, and will admit that I laughed out loud at his posts of the nuns. But acting like not posting women in bikinis on here is some form of oppression or overreach is simply silly and makes y’all come across much “softer” than the people you’re complaining about.

Demanding that a community acquiesce to your hang ups and demands is a much worse way to be part of a community.
Demanding that a community acquiesce to your hang ups and demands is a much worse way to be part of a community.
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Y’all - Pru is an objectively important member of this board, but I think if we all take a step back and a deep breath we can all agree that Pru can keep the pics of his neighbor ladies to himself.

I believe we want Illini fans of all ages, which includes young women, to feel comfortable coming on here to celebrate their team and talk about cottage cheese without feeling like half the board would ogle them if they’re at the beach.

Pru, please stay and keep being you. Seriously. And those who block Pruman will most certainly be missing out.

But I think we will all somehow find a way to survive if we have to look up pictures of Taylor Rooks on our own time.

Go Illini. Go Illinoisloyalty. Let’s have a great year, and please take the time to think of the littlest amount of effort it would take to make every person comfortable to come check out the board, even at work.

It’s not that difficult and we’ll all be better off for it.

The fact is, people are politely asking for a small change in behavior that would make this awesome place more welcoming for everybody.

If that’s too tough for y’all, fine. But don’t attack people for a very reasonable request. And when y’all say stuff like above, it will drive people away from this site, whether you want to believe it or not.

And if you’d rather people block you then make some easy compromises, that says a lot more about y’all than the “prudes” blocking you.

Hope y’all have a wonderful rest of the holiday weekend/week, even those that will block me.
Politely…request denied. Keep posting Pru
The made up demands you created in your heads to make yourselves victims? Forgot about those my b.

Demands, requests, observations...there are some differences between these in reality, but I, too, am tired of all the requests, demands, and prude opinions.


I too stand with the opinion that these recruiting threads should be interspersed with colorful photos so that others can join and help propagate my shallow perspective of women. I propose that the Recruiting thread also be known as the Pervy Pub and Yacht Club. Incentives and attaboys should be given so that this aspect of the thread can flourish. People who have daughters and who cringe should lighten up. People with sisters and mothers for that matter as well. In fact, if there are any lady Illini fans here, they are welcome to join and apply for the NL tier which grants VIP Yacht Club membership. Whether your pic is linked to a NSFW site, or you are someone's daughter (the ones on NSFW sites aren't actually anyone's daughter--they're robots so no one cares what happens to them), the opportunity is there for you to join this liberating aspect to the forum that won't cater to unreasonable and antiquated perspectives. Ladies, just DM the Yacht Club operators to apply.

Ladies, I look forward to your contributions to this aspect of recruiting as well. There's nothing like celebrating recruiting with an atmosphere that welcomes all women to participate.

#keep posting and #my perspective is fine

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Politely…request denied. Keep posting Pru
What's up Doc ????...............Seriously , it's been the proverbial " making a mountain out of a molehill " week , hasn't it.......

this is for your eyes only Doc , so don't let anything we talk about get out , OK ??

As you probably know me by now , stuff like this past week doesn't disturb me.....I relish the fact that some peeps don't agree with my posting content.....And I support anyone's right to voice their opinion about my posts.........I really really do..................

With that being said , what I don't appreciate and severely object to , are the personal attacks on me........To differ from another's view on life is the freedom we all want to preserve , but that opinion should stop there with my posts and not label me as creepy , or sick , or any of the other numerous labels that has been tossed about...............

I have NEVER singled out anyone ( to the best of my recollection ) for personal attacks on them personally .....I have had numerous times where I disagreed with what was posted by other posters and I have respectfully discussed with them concerning my differing opinion............But , NEVER have I slung mud at them like has been slung at me this week........
Please understand that it takes a lot more than that to rattle me and on an anonymous forum such as this , it will NEVER rattle me to where I would viscously attack someone here.........

I also won't post the names of those posters as you can read the posts yourself...........

Just know that I will continue to post as the moderator's allow me to post.................maybe some need to reread the mod's response to this nonsense and rethink their opinion........Contrary to what was posted , I never was contacted by anyone before this was blown up out of proportion like it has been......................

I've been here 16 + years but that doesn't grant me any extra powers over the newest of members......But , as the rules state very concisely , some here have went over the line with their opinions about me and what I post....................

if I have offended anyone then I will gladly say I never intended to do problem at all saying that........But I will also say many here have offended me and said hostile things about me and I do have a problem with that...........

One good thing that has come out of this is I now know who my friends are and I say thanks for standing up for me means a lot.............

And for those who have offended me , I say thanks for revealing your true nature........hard to really feel like you know the real
anonymous posters mindset..............

I wonder what this upcoming week will bring to this board that angers the herd mentality here now.....I can't wait....I really really can't...........................Don't forget to ignore me so your work week can be free of any likelihood of being discovered......


It's a one piece suit............hope no one is offended..................................


Everything is fine.......................Goodnight..........................

...........Is this the 48th or 49th pic of Mr. Walken today ??......(I lost track....I really really did )........
Nobody here is going to force you to enjoy the bikini pictures.

Some want to dictate what others can or can't see. There is only one person who decides that here.

There are solutions to NSFW stuff. Like accessing at home, unless the W also means wife. :)

The debate over whether it is exploitive, empowering, or something else is potentially interesting, but this is probably not really the thread for that.
Well said. If you don't like something. Move on. I don't like 50% of what is said here but I don't cry about it. It's not like these women are forced to have their pics taken. Quit trying to police the board with your thoughts and views.


Paducah, Ky
I've always liked her. Even with the weird shaped head.

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Uh oh Foby , I just noticed that both our Betty Boop gifs has her garter showing .....we's in trouble now ......
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