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Lovie’s buyout I’m guessing is finished paying out. Staff already had to budget that dead money. Roll it over to TP for this year.


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Jason Verduzco was listed as 5'9" and did us proud under center back in the day. I believe he was slightly shorter than that based on my lone encounter with him and my decidedly average stature. Wasn't quick or flashy but he was smart and tough as nails. One of the memorable games I saw in Memorial Stadium was #8 Illinois beating #24 MSU 15-13 in '90. Just a brutal defensive struggle. Jason played the entire game on a bum left knee. After falling behind with 1:40 remaining he drove us down to the 30 in less than a minute to set up the winning field goal. Spartan coach George Perles called him the difference in the game. Money quote from UPI article:

'You would have had to kill me to get me out of that game,' the Antioch, Calif., native said. 'I was staying in that game no mater what. You could have tore my leg off and I would've still been in that game.

I'll take his 5'9"-ish clone any day.
Was that '90 game the one where we all chanted Rose Bowl as we left the stadium?

I remember it being after a game like that, but I can't remember which season anymore.

(Narrator: they would not go to the Rose Bowl that season.)
Such a great game. Doug Higgins was Beaveresque w/ 5 FGs. It's funny you mention the balcony. I was sitting in the west balcony at that game, around the end zone, the first time I'd ever been on that side of the stadium, and it moved, too. 31 years later I still remember the collective release in the crowd when he nailed that final 48-yarder through the north goal posts. One of the hardest-hitting games I've ever seen. Perhaps my fondest Memorial Stadium memory.

Loved those 2:30 p.m. ABC national TV slots with Keith Jackson and Bob Griese in the booth. Am confident with BB we'll be back to those days soon, my friends.

I was at that game as well - fantastic environment. Our games during that era against MSU were always wars.

I think we were ranked #5 after that game, then proceeded to get blown out by Iowa the next week
I was at that game as well - fantastic environment. Our games during that era against MSU were always wars.

I think we were ranked #5 after that game, then proceeded to get blown out by Iowa the next week
I ran on the field after that HIggins kick went through. What a battle. Verduzco really showed his wrestler's heart in that one. Thought that put us in the Rose Bowl. With a home win against Iowa, we could still go to Pasadena even if we lost in Ann Arbor. Before the Iowa game, in Block I they passed out a "memo" from John Mackovic asking students not to storm the field or engage in other potentially dangerous celebrations. Clearly, the memo worked. :mad:


Do in-transfers have to be enrolled by the start of classes on Jan 18 to be able to play spring ball and go thru winter workouts? Or how does that work...
Is this whole thing a red hearing? Illini sid won't confirm the firing of TP. Wonder if we are looking at a fiasco instead of an upgrade.
I mean, we are in the coaching carousel season so there will be plenty of good OCs to go find, but I have the feeling BB would have gotten confirmation of his guy before he fired TP.

But maybe not? I’ll defer to @illini0440 since he is more plugged in.


Who was it that announced a coach before they were supposed to and he walked?
I don't necessarily disagree with your other points (haven't done any research myself), but the complaint about height is a reach. Russell Wilson is listed at 5'11". Doug Flutie listed at 5'10". Drew Brees, Joe Theismann and Michael Vick all 6'0". Not saying this guy's any of those, but there are plenty of good "short" qbs
For the most part, these qb's need to be in a rollout system. Not sure that BB would ever approve of that despite the success that Russell Wilson has had. That was more or less, a one year thing in a program that just needed someone to throw the ball a few times/game.
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