Kofi Cockburn enters NBA Draft

Did I miss anything?
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It will be just fun for Illinois AND Kofi. I think we actually get better after seeing some recent video on Dainja. No disrespect at all towards Kofi. Once in a lifetime talent for college basketball.

Going to be fun!

It’s the right time for Kofi and for the Illini to set out on that new path for each.

Another year in college wasn’t going to change the trajectory for Kofi much. And for the Illini, they don’t have to try to manage to be two different teams on the floor any more within the same game. They were one kind of team with Kofi on the floor and another kind of team when he wasn’t. And the Illini didn’t always make the in-game transitions that smoothly.

As for Kofi... it was a joy seeing the Orange have that strong body and big smile working for The Beloved. And those wondrous thunder dunks. And then... a sweet technique improvement on the free-throw line. Always a big plus for any big man.

And another thing he did by coming to the Prairie State was to make it cool to come to play for the Illini. Just like Trent did when he opened that door... and then Ayo.

Now, everyone in college ball knows its cool again to come to Illinois. You’re going to be successful on the floor... you’re going to develop your game... if you’re good enough, you’ll make it to The Association... and you’ll be adored by the fan base like no other place.

Kofi now takes his place on the Illini Mount Rushmore of faces for the 21st Century.

And The Illini get ever closer to that Final Four placement that should always be the baseline standard in every season.


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Kofi’s place in Illinois Basketball history is secure. His honored jersey will be hung in the rafters, and he will get another B1G Championship ring. I am grateful that he was a wonderful representative for the university both on and off the court. He gave us many spectacular memories; he was “amazing, amazing.” I wish him nothing but good luck and best wishes for his future. Although I am sad to see him go, I am excited for the Illini’s future. I look forward to what and who come next because I believe this program is in excellent hands with Brad, Tim, Chester, and Geoff. #IlliniForLife #EverydayGuys
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Good luck to the young man. I am honestly shocked by the decision as I pretty much thought it was a given he would return due to NIL and such a question about whether or not he will even be drafted. I just don't see how he sticks in the NBA. If this were the 90's, I would say he has a role. He can't shoot and has very limited post moves. And, assuming the information on this forum is accurate, he is not that hard of worker. Not a recipe for success for a fringe NBA player. Just don't see it.

Very anxious to see how this team comes together now without him at the 5. Dainja seems to be way more nimble and seems to have way more post moves (just watching clips - realize he has almost no actual game action). I think it is for certain that we need a big from the portal now that Payne and Koki are gone.
Getting 3 years of him was a blessing. Thank you Kofi.

Just want to add that for all of our history of being unlucky and getting kicked in the nuts, it's fair to say that the timing COVID and NIL allowed us to get 6 total seasons of Ayo and Kofi, and with it a #1 seed and a Big 10 title.
I’m surprised by the decision, but happy Kofi was here to help bring the program back to relevance. I wonder if Kofi was just done with college life so the NIL money wasn’t as big of a decision maker for himself. Best big man in Illini history
He still has a few days to change his mind and maybe that was the rumored Fri announcement for. JK. ^_^


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once the dust settles it will be interesting to compare Oscar at UK versus Kofi here. seems to be a lot of similarities yet their ultimate decisions very much different.
Just more people entering the portal and declaring for the draft. Watch for a couple kids that declare then come back and enter the portal.

A little unsure as to how this is working this year, Transfer Portal entry date is May 1 correct? So if kids have initially entered their name in the NBA draft, they still must be in the portal by May 1, even though the NBA draft withdrawal date is June 1 to maintain college eligibility?

So in theory it will force the players (like Kofi last year) to make the transfer portal entry decision before they have decided their amateur/professional status? Am I understanding that correctly?

If that is the case, that seems less than ideal for the players.
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I seem to remember - what was it, 6 or 7 years ago? - when it seemed relatively rare to see the Illini dunk. Hope those days are well in the past, even without Kofi.
It will be just fun for Illinois AND Kofi. I think we actually get better after seeing some recent video on Dainja. No disrespect at all towards Kofi. Once in a lifetime talent for college basketball.

Going to be fun!
I’m not sure there is a scenario where you necessarily get better by losing your dominant force of a 2x all American while replacing him with a redshirt freshman. But hey, the offense will certainly be different next year so will be exciting to see how it evolves.
A lot will depend on how good Dainja is. At least he's got a face up game and a jump shot. But he, along with Goode, Melendez, and the four frosh means playing as a VERY young team that will have go grow up fast. There won't be time to serve apprenticeships. As for Kofi, I'll always be grateful he was a part of our program for three very entertaining seasons. I wish him well, although I don't see where he can actually "fit" in the NBA.