Mississippi State 19, Illinois 10 Postgame

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Good season. Need more pass rush from our ends and at least 1 more receiver that can get open against good teams.
Good season and loved that we got to watch an Illinois football game today.

That said, would have loved to see the Illini win this one for obvious reasons. Very winnable game and tough to finish the season having lost 4 of our final 5.

Let’s build on this next year.
Put me in the bummed out category. Yes, I trust BB and staff and where this program is going, but we lost yet another game where we had a lead and then clearly changed how we played. Maryland last year, Indiana this year, Michigan, we’ve seen this so many times and it’s cost us quite a few wins. :(

On to next year.
how can you pick up the ball and run it if it hit the ground? considered a fumble if you don't catch a lateral or backwards pass?


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Oh that last td is a pisser
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