NBA/Pro/International Basketball

Other than the cities already named by other posters, here’s more NBA expansion cities of the future:

Austin (growing like crazy these days, MLS team big success)
Cincinnati (old NBA city, missing NBA and NHL)
Havana (yes, Havana – tourist Mecca and old gambling mecca ready for big growth)
Hawaii (Honolulu – had a pro ABL franchise around 1960)
Kansas City (missing both an NBA and NHL franchise)
Louisville (old successful ABA city, likes roundball)
Nashville (growing like crazy these days)
Omaha (corporate headquarters city – sports fanatics town)
St. Louis (old legacy NBA city – sports crazy town; MLS team big success)
Tampa/St Pete (NHL very successful)

Austin won't happen with three teams already in Texas and any fans in that area are probably Spurs fans at this point.

Cincinnati and St. Louis have trouble supporting 2 teams. I don't know if they'd be able to support a 3rd.

Hawaii has as much of a chance of Alaska of getting an NBA team.

Kansas City needs an anchor for their arena but NHL seems more likely than NBA.

Louisville and Omaha are too small of markets to support an NBA team. Louisville's proximity to Indy prevents this as well.

Nashville is a growing city but it's way too soon for them to even entertain an NBA franchise.
St. Louis and Seattle are the two largest U.S. markets that aren’t immediately adjacent to another market that already has a team.

Baltimore, Tampa and San Diego are bigger, but fairly close to DC, Orlando and LA. Although So Cal probably has enough people for a third team, especially if you put it in an outlying area because both the Lakers and Clippers play downtown.


🤣🤣 his +/- is 0. KAT needs to find a way to better impact the game. They were also subbing him out in the 4th.

I also thought he said that it was tied. OTOH my hearing is awful. It runs in the family.
The great Stacey King said, "Game Time!" my friend. Stacey is more aware of what is going on on the court than any of us. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

I know we're mostly biased but Stacey King is one of the most entertaining things about Bulls games, even in bad seasons. Him and Adam Amin make a great pairing on commentary.

This is still one of my favorite recent Stacey King moments: