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I seem to remember a certain poster on here saying that Ayo wouldn't be more respected in the league until he could shoot the 3 on a more consistent basis. He seems to have worked on that as is he shooting at about 40% from 3 this season.
A certain poster?

Just about anyone following the league said that. As did the Bulls front office.


Chicago, IL
Eh there were many on here that thought Ayo would get a fairer shot if he went somewhere else.
I'm not sure there's a single player on the Bulls who wouldn't be better off on another team. A bizarre and ill-fitting group of players. Slightly better without Lavine (the guy they have the most money and years sunk into, hooray), but only slightly.
Was there in person tonight wearing some Illini gear 😊. I believe Ayo even led all scorers unless I lost count.