NCAA Tournament 2023 Thread

Brackets are out. Time to get this thread started. I'm sure we'll have a daily thread for each day but I thought this would be a great catch-all for just general discussion.

Thoughts on top 4 seeds in each region?
Biggest surprise in terms of seeding?
Biggest issue with the bracket as a whole?
Biggest snub among those who didn't get in?
Overall thoughts on Illinois' region?

Of course anything and everything tournament related is worth discussing in here.
Some initial reactions to the bracket:
- Highest KenPom team left out: Rutgers 35.
- Lowest KenPom team in as at-large: Pitt 77 (fun fact, last season Rutgers was the lowest KP team in at 75)
- Some teams wildly overseeded compared to their KP efficiency: Virginia (KP 34 would be a 9 seed, they got a 4), Miami (KP 40 would be a 10 seed, they got a 5), Missouri (KP 51 would be a 13, they got a 7)
- Some teams wildly underseeded compared to their KP efficiency: Utah State (KP 18 would be a 5 seed, they got a 10), West Virginia (KP 17 would be a 5 seed, they got a 9), Memphis (KP 19 would be a 5 seed, they got an 8)
The Big 10 teams were really bunched up, which is not that surprising, but #26, 28, 31, 32, 36 and 38 overall seeds (along with #4 and 15). Shows how evenly mediocre to good all of these teams are.

I've said this before, but it certainly sets up the Big 10 to have another poor showing in the tournament, as only 2 of the 8 teams will be favored to make it to the 2nd weekend. :-/
Illini were the last 9 seed. PSU was two spots behind them. Shocked they didn’t switch.
It was because of our head to head matchups! The committee didnt know we had played this year...

Unreal NCAA! I usually feel they get it mostly right, but not this year
Anyone know where to download a fillable Excel bracket? Seemingly impossible to find. Apparently I can't save a PDF as Excel either.