NCAA Tournament Simulation

Don’t understand Higgs getting more time than Tevian. Wouldn’t have been that close if the refs would have called traveling.
Ft. Collins, CO
Wow, that was a lot closer than it should have been. Here are my takeaways:

  1. The Illini faithful traveled well and were loud!
  2. I feel it was a slight advantage to play in a Nebraska gym that we have played in before.
  3. I think TJ is gone if he is losing minutes to Higgs!
  4. Giorgi is back!
  5. Something seemed a bit off with Ayo's crossover today.
  6. Trent has got to figure out his shot. He even missed 2 straight free throws.
  7. Kofi played well but could have utilized his size and speed even more on the offensive end.
  8. We played a bit undisciplined up 11 with 5 minutes left. A lot of quick shots from the perimeter that I'm sure frustrated BU.

Bright on Creighton ... I have a good feeling! Go Illini! :shield:

My wife busted me watching the game and responded with, "You've got to be kidding, you have an illness!" But she went to Colorado St. so she just doesn't understand!
BU:1 Trash cans:0
First Round continues today and wraps up tomorrow:

Sat, Mar. 21:
Michigan (7) vs. Florida (10) 2:00 EST
Providence (7) vs. Rutgers (10) 2:45 EST
Auburn (5) vs. Cinncinati (12) 3:45 EST
Wisconsin vs. Univ. North Texas 5:00 EST
Butler(5) vs. Liberty(12) 7:00 EST
Maryland vs. Yale 8:00 EST
Florida State(2) vs. North Dakota State(15) 9:15 EST
Villanova vs. Northern Kentucky

Catch the games here:
I'm too lazy. Where do you find these stimulated games "live"? You tube, too? Thanks.
Just for grins: who would you take in a seven-game matchup between '89 Flying Illini and 2005 team?

I go for Flyings, but it's gonna be very close.