NCAA Tournament Simulation

Don't know why I suggested seven-game series - a bit much. Simulated final four would be interesting. I still go with '89.
Don't know why I suggested seven-game series - a bit much. Simulated final four would be interesting. I still go with '89.
Watch 89 game against IU. There were seven extraordinary athletes on that team. Didn’t remember them as a great shooting team but shot 42% from three. That said Kofi would have been a problem for them. Not one they couldn’t overcome but he would have caused some adaptation. Hope we will get to the point where we approach those teams. Expecting our passing next year to remind us of 2004-5. Not there but a reminder.
Ga65: I watch that game every time it's on. And the '89 team beat IU at IU without Kendall Gill. Flying Illini seemed like men among boys to me most of the time that season. The loss to Michigan still hurts.

If I had a choice, I'd love to see '89 versus '05 simulated.
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Just for grins: who would you take in a seven-game matchup between '89 Flying Illini and 2005 team?

I go for Flyings, but it's gonna be very close.
That vote among Illini fans is upcoming on in just a few days. The Elite 8 of all-time great Illinois teams is just about to be determined (by vote). It's a 99% certainty that 89 and 05 will be in the final.
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First Round wraps up today:

Sun, Mar. 22:
West Virginia(6) vs. UCLA(11) 2:45 EST
Penn State(6) vs. Texas Tech(11) 3:15 EST
LSU(8) vs. Arizona State(9) 4:15 EST
USC(8) vs. Indiana(9) 5:00 EST
Duke(3) vs. Hofstra(14) 6:30 EST
Seton Hall(3) vs. Belmont(14) 7:15 EST
Dayton(1) vs. Winthrop(16) 8:45 EST
Baylor(1) vs. Boston U(16) 10:00 EST

Catch the games here:

Illinois will be facing off against Creighton in the next round.
1984, 89, 01, 05? C'mon. How about those Whiz Kids?

Heartbreaking losses in 84, 89 and 05. 84 team got the royal shaft having to play KY at Rupp. According to Wiki, there were rumors homers messed with the clock. Wasn't there some Mickey Mouse at the end? (Wiki is hardly a great source, though.) But it is a fact that after that game, no longer could a team play on its home court in the tournament.

To be fair, KY beat Illinois by two at Assembly Hall in December that season.

Eager to watch 89 versus 05. Thanks again.

Let's hope future Illinois teams become legends. (This season was a real good start).
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The 1989 Flyin' Illini vs. The 2005 Illini team simulation will premiere at 7CT.

I could only upload the first half today. I'll upload the second half either later tonight, or tomorrow.

Here's the link for the game! Hope you guys enjoy it. Tried to make it as realistic as possible given that it's a 12 year old video game.

Go Illini!
This nearly makes me cry with happiness.

Deron was on fire until Weber inexplicably benched him. Hope he gets out of the doghouse in the second half.