NFL Draft

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2023 NFL Draft
April 27-29
Kansas City


NFL Combine
Feb 28-Mar 6

Illini in the NFL Combine
RB Chase Brown
DB Sydney Brown
DB Jartavius Martin
DB Devon Witherspoon

Wonder why our right tackle Alex wasnt invited .
I would lose my mind if the Bears picked up Spoon, doubt it happens as Johnson and Gordon are both solid.


Aurora, Illinois (that’s a suburb of Chicago)
DB is possibly the ONLY area in which the Bears don’t need help.
They still need a second outside corner since Gordon plays more slot/nickel. If there weren’t holes everywhere else on that team they’d have been a great candidate to try and trade back and draft Witherspoon


he really has no reason to go through those drills.

to prove what ? he’s a high first rounder as is .
if he doesn’t feel 100%, he would only hurt himself with ratings

Would have liked to see what his testing numbers were but yea no point in risking it if he's not 100%. Maybe will get some results from Illinoi Pro Day if he participates.
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