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Are we the new DB U? Can't wait to see these guys in the pros. Hope the Bears can snag Chase.


M tipping over

NFL combine 2023 results tracker: 2 pairs of teammates dominate, historic 40-yard dash, more big performances​


For official measurements, click here.

Notable 40-yard dash times​

  • Brandon Hill (Pittsburgh): 4.43
  • Daniel Scott (Cal): 4.45
  • Jartavius Martin (Illinois): 4.46
  • Sydney Brown (Illinois): 4.47
  • Antonio Johnson (Texas A&M): 4.52
  • Jordan Battle (Alabama): 4.55

Notable vertical jumps​

  • Jartavius Martin (Illinois): 44"
  • Jason Taylor II (Oklahoma State): 43"
  • Sydney Brown (Illinois): 40.5"
  • Chamarri Conner (Virginia Tech): 40.5"
  • Daniel Scott (Cal): 39.50"

Notable broad jumps​

  • Jartavius Martin (Illinois): 11'1"
  • Sydney Brown (Illinois): 10'10"
  • Jason Taylor II (Oklahoma State): 10'9"
  • Daniel Scott (Cal): 10'8"
Thank you Tank Wright.

6 NFL Draft prospects who improved stock at the combine, and 2 who didn’t​

Illinois Safeties Jartavius Martin and Sydney Brown​

Illinois is coming off an extremely impressive season defensively, and even without star DB Devon Witherspoon the Fighting Illini made waves in Indy. Safeties Jartavius Martin and Sydney Brown were extremely impressive in both the athletic testing and the drills. Martin and Brown were in the top five for both the 40-yard dash (and the 10-yard split the came with it), vertical jump and broad jump.

Brown is a Bullet Bill at safety, triggering hard downhill when he sees something unfolding, and always seemed to find himself around the ball. Martin can be a nickel or safety, and has the athletic tools to be a star, but has to put together better performances when it comes to ball tracking.

Both Illini safeties made waves in Indianapolis, and could find themselves drafted on Day Two.
it sounds like Witherspoon is a day 1 pick , likely top 10
and it sounds like Martin and the Brown twins could all be taken in rounds 3, 4 or 5 , with an emphasis on 3 or 4
Possibly even as high as late round two in some scenarios!
More in depth write up than expected. Seems like he is solid in the #3-5rb on the board. Tape, results, combine. Checks off boxes.

My favorite part:
"Brown is a one-cut runner who has good patience behind the line of scrimmage. He is very faithful to the play design and gives his linemen time to establish their blocks. His explosive acceleration gives him a good burst through the line of scrimmage, and he also has the speed to gain the edge on off-tackle runs."

It was great watching Brown patiently let the play develop, then explode through the hole. We're gonna miss him.
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