NFL Thread 2020-2021

North Bethesda, Maryland
Let count how many ways the Bears can attempt to lose this game. I do not count that unsportsmanlike conduct call, which was total b.s., he was flipping the ball to the ref...just terrible
North Bethesda, Maryland
How can three guys stand there and watch a guy catch the ball?
Do the Bears want to win this game? Dropped pass, dropped INT that anyone knows to put the hands under the ball and now they run instead of moving the ball in FG range? The D is playing solid but Brees will get hot and all the miscues in the first half will cost the Bears.
Halftime thoughts:

-Bears defense has played well and is limited what Brees and New Orleans offense has wanted to do for the most part.
-Unsportsmanlike conduct call on Kmet was complete BS and a terrible call. As someone on Twitter pointed out, calls like that are why they need a sky judge to tell them to pick up a flag like that.
-Bears offense has been way too conservative and if they end up losing today's game, the Wims play in the 1st quarter could play a role in how this game goes.
On a side note, I did laugh at one of the Bears players (I'm assuming Patterson) say "the f***?" loud enough for a live mic to catch it when he got called for that penalty late in the 1st half.
Geneseo, IL
really bad performance by the Bears offense in the first half. Saints have their bootleg action sniffed out every time.
Geneseo, IL
I hope the media quits talking about the “culture“ that Nagy has established with the Bears. They might be a tight group, but there is zero discipline.
North Bethesda, Maryland
14 to 3 is seemingly insurmountable in this game
North Bethesda, Maryland
I can only hope that Nagy is relieved of (all) his duties immediately after this game.
He called one great play that was dropped...but all the other stuff has been terrible. Trubiski has just thrown some good balls to keep it from being even worse.
Oswego, IL
Kyle Fuller is barely worth his weight in 💩

And where did that 31 point/game offense go? Run game is non-existent and I have a feeling that they about to completely abandon it now that they are down two scores.
North Bethesda, Maryland
Good god...why would you pass it 8 yards from the first down marker on 3rd and 8?