NFL Thread 2021-2022

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Plain and simple: the bears stink. I am so disgruntled about the bears and the mccaskeys right now. Disgruntled, heck, I'm mad as hell.

I'll put on a Sayers or Butkus highlight film.
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They should be able to beat Detroit on Thanksgiving. This Lions team could end up being worse than the 0-16 team.
I forgot to mention the loss against the Packers at home two weeks ago. If they are 3-7 going into Detroit than who cares anyway. I heard on the score that there have been 26 games since Nagy has been the head coach that the Bears have had fewer than 200 yards passing. Today makes 27 in three and a half seasons. that’s almost impossible in today’s NFL. There is nothing going on downfield.
Rodgers has tested positive for covid and is out for this Sunday's game at Kansas City. Rodgers is unvaccinated so he is required to be out for 10 days, calling into question whether he could even be able to play next weekend vs. Seattle. His vaccination status was a big talking point today as he had previously said back in August that he was "immunized" but the Green Bay beat reporters didn't press him on it. As this Chicago writer points out, he likely would have been pressed more on it had he been in a bigger market:

He had reportedly tried to have a homeopathic treatment approved by the league but they said it would not count as being vaccinated.
For those who haven't seen it yet, here's the full Rodgers interview from today's Pat McAfee show:

Yeah...I don't think he's gonna get much sympathy from many fans on this.

By the way, how would you like to be State Farm right now? With having this guy and all this stuff going on and then you have Mahomes and he hasn't had that great of a season.
Bears down 14-3 at half. Defense has been okay given that the Steelers have benefited from short fields and penalties by the Bears. Offense did at least get something going late in the half but it was same old, same old otherwise.
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