NFL Thread 2021-2022

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So who ya got in the Super Bowl? Burrow and the Bengals (Sounds like a band) or Stafford and the Rams? While I’d like to see Stafford get a ring, I’m rooting for Burrow because I’m sort of related to him. My sister-in-law is his second cousin once removed. So basically I’m royalty if the Bengals win.🤣

Short story on his humble beginnings:



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These super bowl commercials are insanely awesome


Man, I had the Bengals at 18-1 to win the super bowl. They gave me a great ride this postseason. I have questions on thaybladt scoring drive for the Rams, but it is what it is. Burrow, defer money and make sure you have a defense and a o-line. The Brady model.
Now that the NFL has it’s intended storybook ending that the ‘Los Angeles’ Rams win the ‘Big Game’...

One’s thoughts turn to the people of St. Louis at this time. How do the people of St. Louis and Metro East and Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois feel about ‘Their (one-time) Rams’ winning the Title after leaving town for big bucks and big glamour? Do the Rams even have any fans left in the St. Louis area?

Has St. Louis gotten over losing this team? Are they glad they left? Do they miss them? Do they ever want the NFL back some day?

Or is the new MLS team going to fill the ‘football’ gap and St. Louis doesn’t need NFL football any more?
Bears reportedly set to sign Bengals DT Larry Ogunjobi. Replacement at 3 technique for Goldman and likely means Bilal Nichols is done in Chicago as well. Ogunjobi got himself a good deal coming off a one-year prove it deal with the Bengals. Has been relatively healthy for most of his career though he did injure his foot in the Bengals' wild card win over the Raiders, which resulted him missing the remainder of their run to the Super Bowl.


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Allen Robinson to Browns, James Daniels joins Mitch in Pittsburgh. Bears gonna have to plug some holes.
Davante Adams reportedly set to be traded to Raiders for multiple picks including Raiders 1st rounder. Davante is also set to sign a new contract with the Raiders that will be 5 years, $141.25 million.

Rapoport reporting that Rodgers signed contract knowing Davante wouldn't be back.
Ogunjobi out for the Bears didn't pass his physical.
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