NFL Thread 2022-2023

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So they used Lovie as a sacrificial lamb. Needed someone to oversee the tank for a year then fire them. No coach was winning with that roster.

Or did they fire him because he blew the tanking by gifting the Bears the #1 pick? /s
The Bears FO is going to say they are doing their due diligence in scouting the QB’s available in the draft but that doesn’t mean they are actually going to draft one. They want those leaks out there.
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Always seemed like a 1 year stop gap while all the controversies subsided. No way he was winning this season
All I can say it’s going to be a fun offseason…we are going to hear all these crazy rumors about the Bears considering trading JF and taking a QB with the pick, etc. and other rumors. Buckle up!


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I'm relieved that Lovie has stepped aside so that Miles can finally take his rightful role as Head Man. The future's so bright for the Texans they gotta wear shades.


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Indy and Detroit are out as a potential neutral site for AFC Championship game. Indy is out as Lucas Oil Stadium will be hosting a national volleyball tournament and the only possibility that an NFL game would have taken precedence is if the Colts were playing in the game. Detroit is out as Ford Field is scheduled to have a previously planned change out of the stadium's turf that is set to take place in mid-January. Since the Lions will finish as no better than the 7 seed in the NFC and won't play a home game the rest of the season, there would be no need to push back the turf change.
Soldier Field!! :hailtotheorange:
It’s amazing to me that as long as you ignore the W-L record, this season went as well for the Bears as it possibly could.

I said at the beginning of the season that Justin Fields would have to be a superhero to do anything with the offense around him. And gosh darn dangit, the kid put on a cape and did it.

And somehow, Fields established himself as a potential star who might be one of the best two qbs in the NFC as soon as next year while also “earning” the 1st overall pick in the draft. I don’t know how you lose so much in today’s NFL with good qb play, but the Bears managed to do it.

I have no idea how much credit to give Poles here, but he has a 23-year old potential franchise qb with 3 years left on his rookie contract, the first pick of the draft, a bunch of other draft picks he’s acquired, and more cap room than any other team in the League.


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It looks awesome. I still don't trust them not to mess it up, and it doesn't solve the issue of ownership. The Bears will only increase their value by owning their stadium and they know it. They're not in this not to increase the value of the team.
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