NIL Thread (Name, Image, Likeness Rule)

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I say this both sarcastically and unsarcastically: Juwan Howard knows what he's talking about in terms of player compensation.

We are in a competitive landscape in terms of, let's not mince words, paying players to induce them to come to Illinois.

Michigan will do fine in that regard. But there's boring administrative stuff that needs to happen to get it right, and if they're behind the 8 ball momentarily, time for us to pounce.
If I remember correctly they never found a link to Ed Martin's money with Howard even though they did with the remaining Fab Five. I never bought it.


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Portnoy is a big Michigan guy. I bet they find a way to get some of his money. However most of that will probably go toward Football.
Surprised to see so many former athletes. How's that work? Do they need to apply? Also see some international athletes there. Are they eligible?


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