Ohio State 71, Illinois 63 POSTGAME

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This one hurts. I knew Liddell would have his career day (so far). Got to shoot down the Nots-eyes.
Liddell has played much better as of late, I wouldn't discount him in this game. Used my ESP-N for this one, I will take the blame. ILLINI forget it and move on to senior night.
I didn’t think we’d win tonight, but man am I angry at how this ended.

We didn’t do anything in the second half that worked in the first half. Trent can’t buy a bucket. Griffin was a ghost tonight. Feliz took some really dumb shots. Kofi was a ghost in the second half, really that last 30 minutes. What has carried us all year (rebounding) just killed us tonight.

EJ Liddell also dominated us, which makes me even angrier.
BU:1 Trash cans:0
The sky's not falling, but that game was hot garbage. Effort not at the level it needs to be at this point in the season.
"Does that matter to anyone?" As AG secures the OVER.

I feel like I lost 3 times in 1 game. One for final score, 2 because the refs raped us, and 3 because I had to listen to Dakich.
Dre and Trent 7-24 overall 2-12 from three Yikes !! hard to overcome that and Kofi with 5 attempts
did all the things we can’t do if we want to win in march. foul too much/lose the FT battle by a large margain, miss 3s, and give up easy second chance points

You missed the easy one...way to many turnovers...hell we started the game 3 possessions, 2 turnovers...sign of what was to become.
Nut punch. EJ was the difference maker. That and very poor shooting in second half. Guh.
BU relying too much on small lineup. Can't explain his substitution thoughts regarding Kipper and Griffin. I would bet they have some of the best metrics (?) For when they are playing.
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