Ohio State 71, Illinois 63 POSTGAME

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Oh well. We get a couple guys who can hit outside shots at a decent clip and we’re a pretty darn good basketball team.
"Does that matter to anyone?" As AG secures the OVER.

I feel like I lost 3 times in 1 game. One for final score, 2 because the refs raped us, and 3 because I had to listen to Dakich.
like that the other announcer got the 69 reference but whiffed on the over (he was probably thinking spread)
I won't throw shade on Trent like some want to do. Tonight, Felix had a really bad game, Kofi was a non-factor, and you can't play GB-he's in the game and it's 4 on 5. So, who are you going to beat on the road in big boy basketball when your are getting nothing but fouls, bad shots, and turnovers from 3 key players. You beat Illinois by stopping Ayo driving the ball, and throwing up a zone. Iowa is going to be a handful on Sun.
We literally had Ayo, a little bit of Feliz, not much of the rest of the starters, and very little from the bench-almost none. No team with that kind of truth to their game will win a conference C-Ship or go far in NCAA...just won't/can't happen,
Great second half from Ohio State. Really ratcheted up their defense. For those blaming the officials, is this the first B1G road game you've watched?
Could not agree more. We were outplayed while we went cold. It happens.
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Tough game, tough place to win, move on to the next one. We had a little fools gold in the first half with a couple of Ayo bailouts and some DMW treys. Wasn't feeling great about things because nobody else was involved. That played out fiercely in the final 20.

Liddell definitely the difference. Our bigs got pushed around.
Shooting is our Achilles heal. Refs were bad but bad both ways. Still like where we are at!

They were bad but not as much both ways. Ohio state had like 2 or 3 fouls for 75% of the 2nd half. That changes both who we can play and how aggressively we can play.

We just didn't have theb outside shooting to overcome such a thing because Lord knows we had our looks.
Sky is not falling at all. Hated that line up around the 8-9 minute mark. This was always going to be a tough game for Illinois. Beat Iowa get the double bye I am in for that.
They got pounded on the boards second half and Ohio State was getting all of the lose balls
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Awful, awful game. The calls were so inconsistent.
Oh they were consistent. Consistently against us. I believe tOSU had more than twice as many free throws as us. That’s life on the road I guess.
That being said a couple of the calls on Kaleb Wesson were really bad.
Stagnant offense in 2nd half and giving up offensive rebounds is really what killed us.

Didn’t seem like Feliz played as well as he has. His outside shot was way off. Would have liked to have seen more Griffin.
Played like they wanted to win the tile for a half. Then found out just how tough this league can be on the road. No complaints from me. They played hard and it did not go our way. That is life. Now win the next one...and the next...and the next....and so on. Good team...good guys...playing to win. Been a die hard fan for 65 years and I am as invested as anyone but you have to take winning and losing with dignity. Both bring opportunity. What needs to get better is obvious and they all will work hard at it....they have proven that.
We got beat in the glass. When a team has a 4 like Liddell a nd Kogi has to help on DW or so much like he has it just kills him as a defensive rebounder. Only 3 rebounds total out if a 7 foot 290 lb guy. He should get some more bn ur when he helps out so often and we are so u nbn undersized at the 4 then they get extra possessions and putbacks. Love DWs effort but we are asking too much from him to not need Kofis help. Someone besides Dre eithv11 boards needs to help but it's tough when we cant match up. Tonight it hurt GB hot dumb fouls vs OSU
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Tough road game against a good B1G team.

On to the next game. ✊🏼

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Feel like Kofi didn't get a touch in the second half. No one even tried to get the ball into the post.
Looked to me like there were several possessions where tOSU just packed the paint and dared us to shoot it from outside. They had two guys right on Kofi and were sagging off Giorgi while he was in the corner fooling no one.
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