Ohio State 75, Illinois 73 POSTGAME




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S. Carolina
23 seconds left. I'm going to take my family to dinner and watch the final seconds when I get back home (on Tivo). Just wanted to comment --- I don't think we can play any better than this!


Los Angeles
About as much as you can ask from these guys. It's hard to win on the road.
This one falls on the coaches for bad sub rotations. Boys put it all on the floor.

Captain Bubbles

Fairfield, IL
Loved the effort the Illini had today. Just sucks how they were so close, but couldn't get the win. I was encouraged from what I saw today from an effort perspective.


Good effort by the Illini - did not quit. Sure think things would significantly different if we had Thorne and Black healthy on the court.
We truly gave that our all. After a lot of complaining about effort, from all of us, no one has anything bad to say about effort today. Really played hard and did everything but win. Sure glad I reserved time for this game. There have been game I regretted watching (a little bit), but not this one. A pleasure, except for the final score
Good effort.

But we can't have Mav and Austin on the floor at the same time. Especially for a 5 minute span.

JCL and Finke are going to be fun to watch for a while.


Pittsburgh, PA
This one falls on the coaches for bad sub rotations. Boys put it all on the floor.

the only complaint i had was putting AA in for "defense" with under a minute. promptly gets burnt and it was an uphill fight the rest of the way

great, fun game though.


Southern Illinois
Why did Hill wait to take the ball on that rebound? Does the clock not start on a missed FT until someone touches it?
oh so close

we had the lead in the closing minutes and a chance to make it a two possession game. unfortunately some untimely turnovers and missed shots by Malcolm really hurt us during that critical sequence.

great effort by the illini, but we still come up short....
Great second half for a change! It's to bad we didn't foul and went for the 10 second call and they got that easy basket.

ATL Chief

Tough to be mad after this one. Tons of hustle, no quitting, stuck with a pretty good team on the road. Malcolm played some great D. We get constant effort like this and we should be pleasant to watch.
Smart play by Malcolm on that last rebound. Gave himself a chance to gather himself to make a solid last second shot. Didn't work, but not for lack of smart effort

Chris Yates

Recruiting Correspondent
Really good effort today, and the kids are growing up fast. This season looks like a lost cause, but we could be pretty darned good next season if we can avoid the injury bug.


Mokena, IL
Wow what a great road effort by the players and the coaches. Feel so much better than after the scUM loss.