Ohio State 75, Illinois 73 POSTGAME



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OSU has a ton of talent, but its youth shows in its lack of attention to detail on defense and its heavy reliance on iso plays on O. The Loving kid, though, has a chance to be a good pro someday. Tremendous all-around talent with excellent athleticism to match. We had no answer for him defensively.

Lyle has some really unique talent as well. The move he gave Austin to draw a foul was filthy.


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Great effort by the team today, I never feel good after a L but this felt so much better than most of the Wins this year. Something to build on for sure. :shield:


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Tough to be mad after this one. Tons of hustle, no quitting, stuck with a pretty good team on the road. Malcolm played some great D. We get constant effort like this and we should be pleasant to watch.

Ditto. If we continue to improve and continue to put full out effort like today, this will be an entertaining season.
Confident a Valentine-less MSU can be beaten with today's effort.

Haven't felt this good after a game since UAB. Smart coaching and great effort today. Thought game plan was great, only call I question is AA for Finke substitution.

At home, given the slight benefits conferred by hometown officiating and a familiar arena, I think the boys win this one.

yeah, I'd give us a chance if the game was in Champaign, but it isn't. MSU is going to destroy us on the glass.
Think the team may have turned a corner defensively with this one. Hard to beat Ohio State at home with their inside presence and our relative lack thereof. Out-rebounded, a multitude of our shots blocked, and we played them to the wire. Felt the guys left it all on the floor tonight and the season may be a little brighter than we all thought if they can put forth this kind of effort every game.
yeah, I'd give us a chance if the game was in Champaign, but it isn't. MSU is going to destroy us on the glass.

I think this is always true for us against MSU.
Don't like our chances, but feel a lot better about showing up and making it count after today.

Hard to describe how much better I feel after watching 40 minutes of basketball
Finke is shooting .533 FG % (combined 2's & 3's) for the season. 3rd best Freshman % of all time. Augustine leads with .580 and Deon is 2nd with .577.


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Feel good about this game and the guys fought their tails off. We had a couple great looks that could have made the difference but they didn't fall.
Anyone still think this team has quit on Groce? Great effort to consistently come back and eventually take the lead in the second half. There's going to be games still where our effort isn't consistent for an entire game because of our youth but hopefully Thorne returns to practice soon as has been reported and we can make a nice run in the second half of the year.
At least we were still cheering in the final minute.

And there is not a single game left on the Big Ten schedule that we couldn't win. We could still be cheering in the final minute in any of them. The three teams you might think we couldn't possibly beat are MSU, Purdue and Maryland.....and we beat all three last year, not a particularly great year.
73 points scored by Illinois is the most number of points scored in Columbus since 1996. Illinois won then 76-67.


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just one man's opinion, but here's a tweet from tonight I agree with.


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noticed that OSU took 39 FT's to our 11. pretty big discrepancy there

When you don't have bigs to pound the ball into - that leaves us with an exterior focused game - and without a PG who can beat off the dribble - we're not going to draw many fouls....
Good game, tough loss, noticeable improvement, look forward to the next one. All we can ask for.


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When you don't have bigs to pound the ball into - that leaves us with an exterior focused game - and without a PG who can beat off the dribble - we're not going to draw many fouls....

Agree - but Tate was pretty good tonight.
1. A loss is a loss, and that's all that matters! OK, for me that is a bunch of crap. I have a life. I watch college basketball and follow the Illini for entertainment, and that was one heck of an entertaining game. Sure it would have been better if we had won, but it was still a great effort by the Illini and a fun game to watch.

2. Wow! Is tOSU long and tall or what! They are not a perfect team, but they have some great talent. They could be a very tough team in coming years if all those young guys stick around. They had a block party with 9 blocks to our zip. Yeah, that matters.

3. Let's start with the kid! JCL can really shoot from deep. He has a lot to improve on, but he is going to score a lot of points for the Illini if he puts the work in.

4. Finke was very effective in the second half, and that was against a very tall and athletic team. There was even a nice stretch in the game where we played Mav and Finke together. The center spot is not a strength of this team, but these two contributed in this game.

5. Kendrick didn't have a super game for him, but he kept us in the game in the first half. It was an interesting contrast between the size and length of tOSU and the quickness of Illinois, with Kendrick being a key factor.

6. Malcolm Hill struggled in the first half, in large part because of fouls, but he really came back in the second half and at the end of the game. Jaylon Tate contributed as well, with 5 assists and no turnovers.

7. We were outrebounded badly in the first half, but we actually outrebounded tOSU in the second half, which was a big reason the game was close. We also won the turnover battle handily.

8. Coach Groce seemed concerned about the foul discrepancy. To be honest, I thought the calls on both teams were mostly legit. Obviously there were lots of close calls, but I didn't see any particular bias by the refs.

9. Well, the key is to build on this one. We need to use this as something to learn from. We need this kind of effort in every game from here on out. We should catch MSU short-handed, so that could even the odds.

Go Illini!


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Smart play by Malcolm on that last rebound. Gave himself a chance to gather himself to make a solid last second shot. Didn't work, but not for lack of smart effort

Is it possible he was even smarter than that? The ball was clearly going to be his, with little time to shoot. But what if one of the young OSU guys makes a play for the ball?

Then MH grabs the ball, gets fouled, and two shots put us in OT. I think he was waiting for tOSU to make that mistake. That was our best chance to win this game. Malcolm is one very smart player.