Pregame: Illinois at Minnesota, Saturday, February 20th, 2:30pm CT, FOX

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I have some history in Paducah also, know the Food Giant too.
My wife has family in Paducah, and my roots are not far away in Cairo. My mom still lives in the area.
Always loved Bob Noble Park as a kid.
Paducah, Ky
My candidate for goofers " career night " guy against us is trey Williams....Johnson has a sprained finger, Robbins a sprained ankle and Gabe K. is out....
True, Maryland won @Minn. It certainly shows that it can be done. I suppose that's half of the relevant information.

The other half is a list of who has lost @Minn:


I wonder how many of them were thinking they could go in there and win easily.
Iowa - they needed a miracle to win that game.
MSU - well MSU isn't who we thought they were.
OSU - Good win but this is when OSU was at it's lowest point this season
Michigan - Another good win, Michigan was due for a loss.
Nebraska - Next
Purdue - Very fortunate win against two evenly matched teams.
Re: Purdue game, I believe Carr banked in a long prayer of a three to beat them. Solid win, yes, but I agree that they are not exactly blowing people out up there in the barn.
This game is gonna be tough Minnesota just lost a key game to indiana and they really need a win rn better bring out our A (Wisconsin)game.
Perhaps DMW can conjure some of that Williams family mojo c. final day of 2002 season when dad put us on his back in The Barn and got us a share of the title.
DMW was 3 then. Don’t know if he remembers it very well.
If they take care of the ball and make FTs they have an excellent chance to win this game, they're simply a more talented team. Unfortunately, at times this team seems to forget that.
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Control what you can control. Effort and careless turnovers. It's time to start playing our best ball, no more messing around, March is coming.
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What did Curbelo do to his hand?? He has had two fingers taped together and a brace on his shooting hand.

For some reason, in my mind, I picture Curbelo doing everything like he charges through the defense. Going to class, catching the bus, running to the dinner table, brushing his teeth...

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