Pregame: Illinois at Rutgers, Saturday, November 14th, 12:00pm CT, BTN

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If Rutgers runs away with this one, which I hope that is not the case, I believe JW let's Lovie know he will not be retained, just not sure if it will be formally announced. Would like to see it formally announced though. Frustrating how things have gone.
Do I think it'll happen no, but my feeling that Whitman has had enough has gone up drastically since last week.
I keep coming back to the calendar vs the season. Like it's already mid-November. This is when coaching moves typically start because in normal years this is the last couple weeks of the season. If a change is in fact coming, can/should you wait til mid December? That just seems like a bad idea with recruiting and signing day, but 2020 is anything but normal.

Assuming a win on Saturday, I don't see anything imminent, but if it's a loss, I wouldn't be against making the announcement next week.
I would be shocked if there were any statement made and if there is it’s more likely to be a statement of support than a firing. I trust Josh is making contacts behind the scenes for any inevitability, but other than fan pacification I don’t see the benefit of any negative statements at this point in the season.
Couldn't they announce a retirement though? During the season, with him finishing it out?
So they’d really wait until December 20th to officially fire him? Seems less than ideal.
Hashing out when to fire Lovie in the Rutgers pregame thread says it all about the interest in this game, which might be the most winnable game left, including the final crossover game which may not even be played, and the state of this program.

For the record, I don't trust Lovie with scholarships. I could see him giving one or two to questionable recruits who just so happen to be related to friends or acquaintances of his. He has to go before signing day.
I can rationalize how bad the offense has been. Played most of the season so far with the 4th string qb. A lot of teams are going to look rough when that happens.

What I can’t get over is how bad the defense - particularly the pass defense - has been. Teams are completing 79% of their passes against the Illini, worst in the country. It looks like the opponent is running a non-contact walkthrough of their playbook during passing plays. It’s just unacceptable.
I like to preface my thoughts by saying that idk much about football other than some real basic stuff so somebody correct me if I’m way off base here.

According to people who know Lovie plays a lot of zone. But it seems we play with 3 true corners(Hobbs, Adams Witherspoon), and one true safety (Brown) in our base defense, and our next guy in is also a corner (beason).

Could you match teams to play man with a centerfield safety over the top for help? To me, that seems to be a way to let our corners be corners and not use one as a safety, but again, football strategy not my thing.

Or is it just one of those things where we don’t have the dudes to play man?

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Am i the only one wondering why Tarique Barnes is not a starter? I know Hansen is a Lovie favorite, but for me he can't cover the middle on pass plays and seems to struggle getting off blocks, and most of his tackles against B1G teams seem to be after 3-4 yard gains. All of this is just observation based, but as I recall Barnes was storming thru the line to make tackles against Wisconsin.
If we get blown out Lovie needs to be gone next week....time to blow this thing up and start over
If we get blown out Lovie needs to be gone next week....time to blow this thing up and start over
My guess is that we keep it close but still lose. Can’t fire Lovie with 5 games left since there’s no one to run the defense. Look at the defensive staff, there’s no one on that staff that I look at and think is capable of being interim DC for 4 weeks.
Looking forward to a big win by the Illini to slow the rate of posting in Coaching Carousel thread.

Go Illini
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