Pregame: Illinois at Wisconsin, Saturday, January 28th, 2:00pm CT, FOX

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Man you guys think Luke gets cleared and he’s just going to be thrown back out there? He’s done no condition or strength stuff lower body wise(at least on the hurt side) until he was cleared. You can’t just throw kid out there who isn’t in shape.
lol. Goes without saying, you'd think, but apparently needs to be said! I've been hoping we'd have him back in time for the BTT.
Luke IS our New Hope. We desperately need a savior. /s
This would be three straight wins at the Kohl Center, which we have never ever done before. :oops: (Keep in mind that UW didn't start playing there until the 1999.) To get a 3-game winning streak in Madison, in general, you have to go back to Wisconsin's "dark years" when they were effectively Northwestern ... from 1979 through 1988, the Illini won TEN STRAIGHT in Madison! :cool:

I can't track down the total numbers, but I remember seeing once that (at least at one time) we had one of the best records as an opponent in the Kohl Center, and it has included some really memorable wins over the years!

2021: #5 Illinois 74, #23 Wisconsin 69 ... Playing without Ayo, we completely controlled the game only for the Badgers to start making every shot they took down the stretch and make it a game.
2020: Illinois 64, Wisconsin 58 ... One of Ayo's legendary "ice" shots! I don't know about anyone else, but this road win is when I really started to believe in the Underwood Era. It was also, IIRC, the birth of "Road Warriors" as an identity for this program!
2010: Illinois 63, #11 Wisconsin 56 ... I vaguely remember McCamey "cracking the code" on the Badgers defense, continuing to successfully drive to the lane and we pretty much won by hitting our free throws.
2006: #6 Illinois 66, Wisconsin 51 ... Domination the year after that '05 win (below) felt really good.
2005: #1 Illinois 75, Wisconsin 65 ... "Something's gotta give!" was the tageline for this one, and it was a truly legendary game. The undefeated, #1 Fighting Illini busted a 38-game home winning streak for Wisconsin, overcoming a second half 10-point deficit behind some CLUTCH shooting from my boy Jack Ingram!

This is a very winnable game if the effort is there ... as is pretty much any game for the rest of the season, so BRING IT!

Illinois 68
Wisconsin 59

The Badgers actually started playing at the Kohl Center in 1998, and that year included an Illinois win aided by a Kevin Turner bank shot driving layup that sent the game into overtime. There have been no easy wins at Kohl… but the ones we get are memorable.
You guys expect Goode to waltz in there and start jacking up threes?
Basketball how many games are you allowed to play without burning a redshirt? Perrine played about two min. I wonder if Goode will give a try.
I think Wisconsin will shoot unbelievably well tomorrow but we will do just enough to squeak by, 68-66 Illinois.
Do you think the traditional "redshirt" essentially goes away with NIL and immediate transfers?
Freedom: Natural enemy of red coats and redshirts alike.

This year there are 4 redshirted scholarship players in the B1G.
In 2017-2018, before the transfer portal, there were 10 redshirted scholarship players in the B1G.

I think there will always be a place for a medical redshirt. But the developmental redshirt is becoming a thing of the past.
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