Pregame: Illinois at Wisconsin, Saturday, January 28th, 2:00pm CT, FOX

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Chucking Chucky is making 34% of his 2 point attempts, but 47% on 3s. SH (or Epps, tho my preference is Harris) needs to smother him from 3, and make him drive the ball.
There is no need to rush Luke back when Hutch should be ready to go any day now.

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I hate to be that guy….BUT

I definitely agree with the comment that was made in the article…it’s a little concerning the dude was able to just meander out onto the court like that. They had better indeed, look at their security/protocols/policies etc.

As we know, there’s way too many crazy people in this world. It would be tricky to monitor/stop it completely but it shouldn’t be that easy for him to get out there while the game is live.

In one arena they let people meander out onto the floor when a game is in progress.
In another, they enforce rules that aren’t even rules. (refusing to let a little girl take her binoculars inside that ARE actually allowed …AND then insisting they take them back to the car in the freezing rain…)

Hey Sports Arenas, about a happy medium?
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Funny, coming into our last game with Wisky they were 11-2 (3-0) and ranked. We were 9-5 (0-3) and on the ropes. That was a must win game for us. The tables have now turned with Wisky losing 5 of last 6, while we have won 5 of 6. This is about as clearly a must win game for Wisky as can be - lose here and they are not even in NCAA bubble conversation. We are going to have our hands full.

We should be rested and focused and ready to play our best game. Wisky had to play on one day less rest. That should give us a slight advantage. But with home court, Wahl back, and the zebras on their side as usual, I am not as confident as I would like to be. Think this is a 1-2 possession game. Hope we come out on top.


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I thought our game against OSU was a great preparation game for Whisky as it made us practice patience on both sides of the ball which is what we need for Whisky.
Freedom: Natural enemy of red coats and redshirts alike.

This year there are 4 redshirted scholarship players in the B1G.
In 2017-2018, before the transfer portal, there were 10 redshirted scholarship players in the B1G.

I think there will always be a place for a medical redshirt. But the developmental redshirt is becoming a thing of the past.
With the transfer rules, I think if I were a recruit, I‘d rather go somewhere I had a chance to play right away than a place that told me I should probably sit a year first. I think it’s hard to make a case that you are better off watching a year of B1G games than playing in a year of MVC games.
Previously, you would either have to sit that first year at your dream school, or upon transfer to it. Now you can play at a lower level and as soon as you prove to be ready, you can go play immediately at a power 5 if you want.
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