Pregame: Illinois vs Rutgers, Friday, March 12th, 5:30pm CT, BTN

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Paducah, Ky
So, just got parked at the stadium. Get out of the vehicle and 1 row over from where we parked is Juwan Howard's dad and his car is broke down...... and 2 Illini fans are jumping it for him
wow....I thought jihad Coward was such a fine human being that he would buy daddy a car that actually started....
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"" I only buy my maa maw good cars....."
As a fan, I'd be prepared for an early Rutgers rush, as it's happened now 4 times in 4 games, where the team that played yesterday went on an early run, only for the rested team to eventually catch them (in Ohio State's case, Purdue just caught them to tie them, and then they ran away with the overtime period).

If Rutgers doesn't go on a run early, then it'd break the tradition.
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