The Illinois Coaching Staff Search

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Sure, but if they don't see relatively quick results in wins there, he won't keep it up. Recruits aren't going to keep going to a place and failing. That is why recruiting and coaching are both important. Even then though, if he proves he can coach, he still might not win enough to keep getting the recruits, because he may not get enough. It's all a crapshoot.
My money is on his success. He is a winner, can relate to the athletes and has a decent staff. The facilities will be upgraded also. If you pull in the equivalent of a middle teared Big10 class in the SWAC it will be hard not to be successful. But time will tell.
Kevin Kane was the Defensive Coordinator/LB Coach at SMU. He was the DC at NIU before that. I'm guessing he will be coaching the LBs along with Buh?

Pat Nelson had a monster year under him in 2019.

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The only thing to worry about with this defensive staff is too many cooks in the kitchen. Bielema, Walters, Buh, and Kane are all experienced, accomplished DC's.

Talk about great problems to have.

Walters and Kane are destined to be head coaches. Getting someone like Kane as an assistant coach is pretty amazing.

Apparently he turned down Texas for a similar role last year:

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