The Illinois Coaching Staff

Same reason Pat Embleton was retained and given a promotion under Bret......these guys are good at their jobs they just have to have a boss who is equally as good and invested as they are. Also I would assume Nate is coming back in a similar role as he had before. High school relations or something along those lines.
Nate still has eligibility?!?!? Nice! So the “similar role as he had before” must be QB1!


Good to see we are investing more into the recruiting department.

Is this a normal operations position on most college staffs that we just don’t hear about because it’s not one of the main 10 assistants?

Cause I think it’s a pretty awesome piece of the staff to have. Like his experience for the specific role too.
Didn't Josh and Lovie benchmark Bama and some of the elite programs in structuring the previous regime somewhat differently?

That being said, I love the changes that BB has made. They seem substantive and serious - providing kids that chose to come play for us with a life development program that happens to include a winning football program. (gulping my koolaid latte this AM....)
Chicago, IL
I have the same question someone asked earlier. Are all these staff positions that have always been a part of the full staff and just never announced like this or are some of these newly created positions? While I knew there were a lot of behind the scenes people, I assumed much of it was grad assistants, internships, etc and not full time staff positions.