The Selection Show

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Land O Insects between Quincy-Macomb-Jacksonville
Clark Kellogg was trying to say TCU and called them the Texas Frogged Horns
I already tweet to a guy who does a TCU podcast that we will meet them in Elite 8 (if they don't killed by Arkansas, this team is schizo).


Sugar Grove
Rutgers getting left out was somewhat surprising but not unreasonable. The loss in Minneapolis really hurt them.

I remember debating with a poster who said they were an absolute lock as was OK St. Both these teams missed out.
Rutgers, OSU out. Thin line.

UNC, wow, what a fall.
UNC didn't play like an NCAA tournament team all season, they were just propped up by their preseason ranking until they actually started losing, and then they never stopped losing.
Can we agree conference tournament games have little weight on seeding. PSU only a 10 seed MSU got a good seed after losing to OSU

RU beat scUM and saw no bump
Seth Davis is obsessed with Q1 wins.

"Why Houston over Kansas?"

Simple answer: Houston NET: 1. Kansas NET: 9
The chairman also brought in quad 2 games and UH resume look about the same. KU still playing in Iowa first 2 rounds
never understood why the play-in games are 16 and 11 seeds. wouldn't seeds 12-15 be worse than 11 seeds so why do the 11s have to play in the extra game?
Some initial reactions to the bracket:
- Highest KenPom team left out: Rutgers 35.
- Lowest KenPom team in as at-large: Pitt 77 (fun fact, last season Rutgers was the lowest KP team in at 75)
- Some teams wildly overseeded compared to their KP efficiency: Virginia (KP 34 would be a 9 seed, they got a 4), Miami (KP 40 would be a 10 seed, they got a 5), Missouri (KP 51 would be a 13, they got a 7)
- Some teams wildly underseeded compared to their KP efficiency: Utah State (KP 18 would be a 5 seed, they got a 10), West Virginia (KP 17 would be a 5 seed, they got a 9), Memphis (KP 19 would be a 5 seed, they got an 8)
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